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  1. eelman

    stuff that goes on under the tank

    OK, I don't know where to start. I have a standard 70 gal reef.(actually right now it is just one mushroom) I plan on having lots of corals, I will name them in a miniute here. I will also have clams, fish, and inverts: Fish (in order that they will be added to the tank) firefish (already...
  2. eelman

    Green Hair Algae

    like 4 sally lightfoots would be a good addition
  3. eelman

    bar gobies had babies they all died

    otto, you don't have an e-mail address, e-mail me at so I can get it I have to ask a question that I feel should not be posted where everyone can see(security wise) thanks
  4. eelman

    water motion

    I am considering one of the following sea swirl silent surge wavemaster pro I want alot of replies so I can compare all of the replies from all of the different bbs and decide on which one to add to my christmass list
  5. eelman

    best algae magnet?

    Tunze, and Mangrove are the strongest magnets that I have ever seen
  6. eelman


    can you make reflectors out of tin foil or something like that? Just tring to save a few busks here and there
  7. eelman

    any one looking for a skimmer

    I have used my tunze skimmer for over 2 monthw now and it is the best skimmer hands down that I have ever seen hands is awsome. the foam is so so so dry!! it has a pytoplankton thing so it does not suck up any brine shrimp, or baby shrimp or stuff like that. It requires hardly any...
  8. eelman

    Looking to buy some plants yea, I am planning on putting there "tang Heaven in my refugium to help lower nitrates, and to feed to my tang.they also sell different varieties of carpula, I orderd some tang heaven for my lfs. the tangs love it it curesd a purple from HILE (lateral line erosion, and 1/3 lb is...
  9. eelman


    there are some things that are growing on one of my powerheads, and now one of my rocks. they rand from this long-- to this long----. they are white and they taper down at one end, but not all of the way to a point. they have multiplied from 2 to about 10. they have little frilly stuff on...
  10. eelman

    Your Thoughts........

    now that I use it my mushrooms have doubled in size
  11. eelman


    well said
  12. eelman

    Instant messanger

    does anyone have instant messinger? my SN is emoRekaJ87 tell your sns to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. eelman

    PVC Glue

    sounds pretty risky to me.
  14. eelman


    that is hilarious. how are the starfish doing?
  15. eelman

    Star fish Q's

    if you are woried about him eating rock, or any other inhabitance eating him, than put him in your sump.
  16. eelman

    anenome for clowns

    does anybody have any first-hand experience with these anenomys?
  17. eelman

    I just thought of this.

    if the power goes out what keeks the water from syphoning back down to the sump through the return pump?
  18. eelman

    anenome for clowns

    sorry, I coppied the names out of a book, and it did not have the comman names I think that these are them: Ritteri/magnificant anenome giant carpet anenome colored giant carpit anenome
  19. eelman

    anenome for clowns

    there are some different species of anenomes. I am planning on getting two sm. false percula clown. which ofthese anenomes are the hardiest. I will have between 5 and 7 watts per gal Stichodactyla haddoni Heteractis magnifica stichodactyla gigantea
  20. eelman

    blue linka's arm is rotting away, help!

    I was watching "who wants to bea a millionare" and I learned that starfish do not have a brain.