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  1. geridoc

    Why I love this hobby

    This is a picture of some kind of worm that appeared in the corner overflow of my 220 gallon tank about two weeks ago. There are now lots of them (you can see a second one in the background) and they are about 1/2-3/4 inches long. The tank has been in operation for at least 10 years, and there...
  2. geridoc

    Ideas for a sump

    I am planning to remove my small cramped sump that sits in the cabinet below my 220 gallon tank. It is too cramped in there, and there are too many submerged pumps (skimmer, chiller, ats and return) heating the water. I have a "spare 110 gallon tank in the garage that I would like to convert to...
  3. geridoc

    Cephalopods in a refugium

    I currently have a 220 gallon FOWLR tank that is 2 years old. I am fed up with the small, cramped sump under the tank, and am embarking on converting a spare 110 gallon tank into a sump that will be located in the basement. I am looking at the tank, and I realize that the central portion of...
  4. geridoc

    Fish I Have Known

    I will be adding photos of fish from my tank on an ongoing basis here. Enjoy.
  5. geridoc

    Finally got the go ahead from my wife...

    I have a 2 year old 220 gallon system with an under-tank sump fitted with 2 gals of bioballs, a skimmer, an algae scrubber and pumps for the scrubber, the return, the chiller and the skimmer. It is impossible to work in the sump, there is no room, and all of the pumps listed are submerged in...
  6. geridoc

    Mandarin dragonettes are not not cold water fish.

    While I was away last week the heat in my building went off and my office went to freezing temperatures, a differential that the heaters in my 40 gallon system could not deal with. As a result, the mandarin that I trained to take frozen foods died , and I am now planning (fearfully) to get...
  7. geridoc

    Why pH is important in a reef tank

    This article is one of the clearest explanations I have seen as to why pH is important to marine life. Some may find the remainder of the site objectionable for political reasons, but this particular article takes care to sidestep those issues.
  8. geridoc

    What's this?

    Almost 40 years in this hobby, and this morning I found something new going into/coming out of/living on my 3 year old duncan. Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? It is in the oral disk of one of the polyps. All of the other polyps are completely normal.
  9. geridoc

    Found, but I'm only a little happy!

    We added a seagrass wrasse two months ago, and about 2-3 weeks ago it failed to emerge from the sand, so we assumed it was decaying somewhere under the substrate. Two days ago we added a yellowfin flasher wrasse (we love wrasses), and it disappeared quickly, and hasn't been seen since. I was...
  10. geridoc

    I hate this part

    I just added a sea grass wrasse, and as usual with wrasses, it quickly buried itself in the sand. It has been two days, and we haven't seen it again...yet. I hate this waiting. I had a melanarus that hid for 5 days, then emerged to die, and a christmas wrasse who stayed buried for a week...
  11. geridoc

    Ocellarus color

    I picked up a small tank-bred ocellarus clown two months ago. He had bright orange and white coloration at that time. Now about 3/4 of his orange body has turned dark black, leaving only his abdomen orange. He seems very healthy, eats 3-4 times his own body weight if I let him, is hosted in a...
  12. geridoc

    How I Finally Eliminated Aptasia

    I returned to my office after being out for 2 hours, to find a flooded rug, and the sump under my 40 gal reef filled. It was filled with RODI from my ATO, which had stuck in the on position until the timer cut it off. However, it pumped enough RODI to reduce the specific gravity to 1.019...
  13. geridoc

    Mixing reef safe wrasse

    My wife has totally fallen in love with the reef safe wrasse. We have a beautiful 4" male red velvet fairy wrasse in our 220 gal FOWLR, and she would like to add other reef safe wrasse, such as a mystery wrasse. Will males of the various species of these fairy, flasher, etc. wrasse get along...
  14. geridoc

    Stocking our dream tank

    Having finished cycling our dream 220 gal FO, my wife and I are in the process of stocking it with our dream fish (defined as fish that over years of marine fishkeeping we have enjoyed most). As of now we have a 7 year old emperor angel (about 5-6 inches), and a pair of flame hawkfish. We love...
  15. geridoc

    Now, that's a wife

    My wife has been working a lot of overtime the last few months. Then yesterday (Sunday) she announces that she wants to use some of the money to fix up the 110 gallon tank we have in the living room - maybe a new stand, etc. So we go to the lfs and what do you know, an hour later I am the...
  16. geridoc

    Red Mandarin?

    For some time ORA has been posting about the availability of red mandarin dragonets. There is an online vendor who says he has them, but I would much prefer to get mine from SWF due to my past experiences with you guys. Will you be selling this beautiful fish, and if so, when?
  17. geridoc

    Ich? Or what?

    This is a relatively new addition, a Barbonius anthias, and he is showing raised pimples over his eye, and a smaller one further back on the lateral line. He is eating well, and is active. Tank parameters: 40 gallon breeder with 20 gal sump, live rock Assorted corals, inverts and 1 orchid...
  18. geridoc

    Clownfish ill?

    This clown has been in the tank for about 2 years. We just moved the tank to my office, and he has developed these dark markings on his body. He is eating well, and is active. He is the only vertebrate in the tank, and has been for several months. Any ideas?
  19. geridoc

    You all missed the most important birthday of all

    Bishop Ussher calculated that the earth was created on October 23, 6012 years ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH!!!!
  20. geridoc

    Now...that's a snake!

    These are the vertebrae of a snake that were unearthed between 2000 and 2004 in Pakistan. It lived about 60 million years ago. The small pale sample between sample a and b is from an anaconda that was over 12 feet long. Scientists estimate that this critter was 40+ feet long, and weighed over...