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  1. snakeblitz33

    Hey ya'll

    Anyone still here from when I was active? I see a lot of the active members are all gone... just wondering who stuck around.
  2. snakeblitz33

    beating hair algae in a tiny tank

    I have a 5g reef tank that has mixed corals - soft, lps and sps corals. I have been feeding the corals phytoplankton and putting a couple of grains of pellet food in there every now and then. Over the last few weeks, my tank has developed a hair algae problem. Also, my flame scallop passed away...
  3. snakeblitz33

    Removing the plastic rim

    Just curious if anyone has removed the black plastic rim on a standard 10g tank before? Pros/cons Ive always given the advice to not remove it, but I think I might chance it.
  4. snakeblitz33

    5g tank pic upload

    Photobucket finally cut me off. They said that they got tired of me using them to upload pictures to third party websites. So, whatever. I haven't uploaded anything in a while. It's only 5g, but it's a lot of maintenance to keep the chemistry stable, which is part of why I enjoy it so much...
  5. snakeblitz33

    Led light for 5g tank?

    I'm hoping there is a cheap led light for a small tank that will keep some soft corals thriving? I've been out of the hobby for a little while now and I'm just wondering if the market has adapted to pico/nano reef tanks needs yet...
  6. snakeblitz33

    5g reef

    Hello guys and gals, I decided to come back and catch up a little bit with all the good folks here. I got a new place, a new job and added a new family member since I left. My son, Cayden was born over a year and a half ago. My daughter Emma is almost five now. Gosh, time flies. I teach...
  7. snakeblitz33

    AI Hydra 26 help please

    My daughter turned off my powerstrip on my aquarium and it was off half a day while I was gone. When I turned the power strip back on, everything came back on but my AI Hydra 26 led light. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. I tried manually turning it on. I tried holding the manual...
  8. snakeblitz33

    Be careful inspecting your new live rock
  9. snakeblitz33


    Do I need a director to Control my AI Hydra26 or can I just download and use the app? I am just using one unit. I can't get the app to link to my light. This is frustrating.
  10. snakeblitz33

    Keeping sand clean

    Any suggestions of some organisms that clean and filter sand? The top layer of my sandbed has a buildup of stuff on it and I'd like to get something that will do well in my tank with three damsels. Suggestions?
  11. snakeblitz33

    Last nights' Presidential Debates

    I watched most of it but not all of it. I was just curious who you think sounded like the best candidate and why? Trump sounded like a hot head and the rest of the Republicans just threw insults at other candidates whenever possible,.... Last night was more like a reality show than a debate...
  12. snakeblitz33

    Trump tax plan

    Thoughts on the elimination of payroll taxes in favor of the 1-5-10-15 federal tax? More money in your pocket means more money to inveat, save and spend.... How does that affect social security?
  13. snakeblitz33

    License to Drive vs. Right to Travel

    Did you know that a license is not required to be able to drive on public roadways to do private business or personal travel? It's the Right to Travel, and was ruled upon many times by the Supreme Court. The only time you are required to have a license is when you are a commercial driver on the...
  14. snakeblitz33

    Check your Nitrate today

    Do a little housekeeping on your tank and test your Nitrate level. Post your results and lets discuss ways of dealing with the numbers.
  15. snakeblitz33


    I just wanted to take a moment of silence for the service members we lost today, due to domestic terrorism. Now we have all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork wanting to ban guns and create more safe zones and more gun control. I don't understand. It wasn't the guns fault, it was the...
  16. snakeblitz33

    Anything new on the market?

    Any new piece of cant live without type of equipment on the market in the last year or so?
  17. snakeblitz33

    New fish?

    I already have three different small damsels that have established a hierarchy but I want to add one more small fish that might be able to hold their own. Ideas for a 29g?
  18. snakeblitz33

    Deep sand beds

    Can we start a discussion on deep sand beds and their pros and cons?
  19. snakeblitz33

    Anything super cool in the reefing news?

    Anyone have a coral or something new on the market that they would like to share? Anything at all that might interest someone? I'm getting bored with my tank and looking to gain an interest in it again.
  20. snakeblitz33

    Check your ATO and float valves

    Just a friendly reminder to check your ATO or float valves to make sure they are working properly. Post your result and reactions here.