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  1. florida joe

    A meeting of the minds

    In all my reef keeping years, I have never seen this before. A gathering of Nassarius snails like this. A coincidence or some communication. This is a 110 g tank and they are often seen spread out in the sand
  2. florida joe

    Saddleback Anthias fish

    I have had my large male saddleback Anthias for a while when I decided to introduce a small Saddleback that I would hope was a female. Well, the introduction did not go so well. The male tormented the smaller fish over and over again. I was at the point of trying to remove the smaller fish. But...
  3. florida joe

    Blackcap update

    Here is a picture of my blackcap seems to be growing as i watch him or her
  4. florida joe

    Another deepwater fish

    I know my good friend 2quill will chastise me for another deep water fish. But this may be my favorite fish in my tank. The black-cap is stunning in its coloration.
  5. florida joe

    Odd couple

    My maroon lighting and its host the ausse candy
  6. florida joe

    Flavoguttatus Anthias

    Anyone keeping this great fish
  7. florida joe

    Purple carnation coral

    This is what is said about this coral. The Carnation Tree Coral or Dendronephthya Carnation is one of the most beautiful and peaceful corals It is extremely difficult to maintain in the reef aquarium, and should be housed in an established reef aquarium, by the more advanced marine aquarist...
  8. florida joe

    The horror

    Well as we all know hurricane Irma came up the west coast. Its eye passed over Naples Fl My home. I lost power for 7 days just came on today. My gas generator ran out of gas after the first day. No gas to be had for two days. By that time all was lost. All my fish and then the death of all my...
  9. florida joe

    Alive but bleached

    While moving around my rocks, something I do about once every six months, I found this coral cluster face down in the back of my tank. There is one head that is obviously dead. BUT notice the three that are bleached but alive. It is an interesting phenomenon that happens when a coral is...
  10. florida joe

    Mandarin tip.

    As a long time mandarin keeper I have found that although pods are their main diet they will eat brine shrimp and blood worms as a supplement. The issue I have found it that they are such slow swimmers and eaters. They will pick at their food on the bottom of your tank and rocks. By the time...
  11. florida joe

    Overlooked GOOD worm

    IMO movement is what gives our tanks great appeal. One great worm that can do this is the feather duster.
  12. florida joe

    Back from the dead.

    The green Zoas you see on he left side of the picture have not appeared on that LR for over two years. TWO YEARS. That rock has been taken out of my tank and hosed off many times over that period it’s just something I do. Those green zoas were getting out of control in my tank and I used a...
  13. florida joe

    Feather duster

    Sometimes we want worms in our tank. This is a picture of my feather duster. As I am living vicariously through my friend Snakes small tank I would like him to consider it along with his corals. They give the tank movement which I personal like in a small tank.BTW notice my dragonet in the...
  14. florida joe


    I usually don’t endorse products unless asked to do so. In this case I feel I must. I dosed my tank with approximately 7ml of the PhytoGreen-M from Brightwell aquatics. Left my filtration off for 3 hrs. just ran good water movement. All of my corals have amazing expansion, I will continue to...
  15. florida joe

    Candy Cane coral splitting

    This picture is of my candy splitting into two as you can see the elongated one is getting ready to separate into two head
  16. florida joe

    Should i buy it

    Waked into my local ***** today to buy some dog food. they had a Peppermint Angelfish for sale $49.00 is that a good deal
  17. florida joe

    My LFS elegance.

    This video was taken today. I questioned the store person about husbandry. He said this elegance as well as the one in his personal tank are years old. They were purchased at a whole sale trade show. They are certified Australia elegance. He has never seen a non-Australia one last longer than...
  18. florida joe

    An old timer’s suggestion # 2

    Another old timer trick. When wanting to get a closer look at a fish for illness. Buy one of those large novelty wine glasses. Put your fish in the glass (with tank water of course) now you have a captive subject that is magnified
  19. florida joe

    An old timer’s suggestion.

    At one time or another we all experience the frustration of trying to catch a fish and remove it from our tank. What I have done is divide my tank into four equal spaces. I position my rock-work so that I can place pieces of egg crate cut to size in to my tank. I how have a tank that is ¼ the...
  20. florida joe

    Elegance in high flow area

    I took this quick video at my LFS they have had this elegance for over a year. It is in an extremely high flow area as you can see. Go figure