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  1. rlablan

    Name this illness, please.

    I bought this Goldrim Tang just about 2 weeks ago and I have noticed that he has some small growths or sores around his mouth area. in the last 72 hours, the areas have spread and there are a few more popping up on his lower fins, and also on his left fin, both on the interior side of the fin...
  2. rlablan

    Purple Sea Slugs Won't "Stick"

    I have two purple sea slugs that I got today. They have been drip acclimated. They will not "stick" to anything. I am afraid they will get sucked into a power head or something. Should I just treat them like a nem and shut the heads off until they decide to grab onto rocks or the glass? Thanks
  3. rlablan

    Sharing my little reef

    Purchased some new additions recently and I was messing around with my camera and just thought I would share my 30ish gallon reef. Pink tube anemone Green brain coral Purple mushrooms little leather frag. Recently found in the back of another tank, faded and half dead. I'm rehabing it...
  4. rlablan

    Help with a rebuild!

    So I've had this tank for over a year now, 90% of the critters in it were transferred from the biggin' when I sold it a while back. ALL The live rock I've had since this hobby came into my life (4+ years give or take). I have 80lbs atleast in this tank... probably more. These rocks are huge...
  5. rlablan

    Any Crafters Out There?

    I am curious to know if there is anyone out there who is crafty like me. I have a "Craft Cave" or what I refer to as "The Studio" in my house and I make all kinds of nonsense in there. I know we are all Hobbiest of the saltwater kind but what other hobbies so you enjoy? Sewing? Scrapbooking...
  6. rlablan

    Creeper in the tank!!!

    So i have this little guy in my tank. I thought it was a barnacle. I think i am wrong. Its about an inch long, 1/2 inch wide. Its a clam type thing. smooth, grey shell. It's has little "feather teeth" around the mouth of the clam, Kind of grayish-purple in color. It latches on to things...
  7. rlablan

    Does this Duncan need fragging?

    I have had this duncan for... a long while now. It's gotten quite large and I wonder if I need to frag it. (hopefully) from the pictures you can see that there are 10+ small polyps under the "larger" side of the colony (left side) and there are about 5 or so on the "smaller" side (right side) A...
  8. rlablan

    Dusky Jaw fish "oscar" tried to digest my baby clown!

    So I took out two tomato clowns today that were terrorizing my other fish. The clowns were replaced by a baby perc clown, "martin", and a baby starry blenny, "sparticus". the existing fish were a long nosed hawk, "dr. zoidberg", a citroen goby, "howard" and a dusky jawfish "oscar". Oscar has...
  9. rlablan

    GOOD THING I DIP!!!!!!!!

    Okay, so I'm not into QTing but I do dip since I have discovered that I had something eating my daisy polyps, clove polyps and zoas in my big 150. All of those corals are "aquastick"ed down, so I can't remove them to dip. I have been picking things out of the polyps at night with a flashlight...
  10. rlablan

    Large fish died and I can't get to it.

    I have a large blue hippo that died lastnight, sometime between 2am and noon today. I can barely see him in this little cave thing but I know he's there and I know he's dead. There is NOOO way to get to him. What should I do?? There is like 200 lbs of rock over and around this cave area. The...
  11. rlablan

    Having a Meowzer kind of day!!!

    So Everything was fine lastnight and I went to bed. Went to work this morning at 7:30... things are still good. Came home at 4 something. 1st- received a package of 1 gorgonian, 1 hippo tang, 1 long nose halk and 1 yellow headed jaw fish. ALL DEAD. I put the gorg in the tank but it just isn't...
  12. rlablan

    New 150 wide photos

    Here are some photos of the new 150. I know I supposed to post them FOREVER ago but I have been busy and also don't know how to work my camera. :0) Enjoy.
  13. rlablan

    OMG fish on the floor!!!

    So while I was last posting, I went out to take pictures with my new camera and right by my BFs knees was one of my female lyretail anthias!!! she looked sooo crispy and I touched her and her gill flapped!!! I quickly put her in tank water and she is just hanging on the side of the tank!!! What...
  14. rlablan

    Watching disneys oceans as we speak

    I am at the theatre, watching this movie. It's narrated by Peirce Brosnan. So excited :)
  15. rlablan

    Anthias Color Change?

    So I picked up a lonely lyretail Anthias at the LFS about 2 weeks ago. This little female was in a small tank, with 3 large heniouchus (sp?) butterflies. It just looked so lonely and it was on sale for 20 bucks (around here, they are normally 35) I had 2 females and 1 male at home already ...
  16. rlablan

    Pods for a Mandarin

    So. I kept a mandarin for sometime (almost a year) with some success. It died of a bacterial infection on it's tail fin, but he was very fat. I am embarking on a new setup that is 150 gallons with a 30 gallon combo sump/fuge. I am planning on keeping a mandarin. I was always told the tigger...
  17. rlablan


    So I found this little creeper in my rock tonight. It doesn't look like any snail or stomatella I have ever seen. I have also noticed that some of my favorite orange zoas are gone. They have slowly been disappearing. Can anyone tell what this is? I know the pics aren't great.
  18. rlablan

    150 Wide Reef Build

    So Here I am Building another tank. Decided it was a good time for us to combine our 2 small guys, into one big guy. I am ordering a 150 wide from It will be a 'penninsula' or island style. The plan will be to use it as a room divider when we move. It will arrive here in...
  19. rlablan

    some simple questions

    So I am getting ready to order my new tank. It's a 150 long with side overflow (for the peninsula look) from I am debating ordering their 'custom' sump that comes with the whole job. It's gonna cost an extra $236. Questions- 1- Has anyone here ever order their sump? Can you tell...
  20. rlablan

    difference in acans?

    I bought some acans a while ago now. They are puffy, fleshy, and almost squishy... They bounce nicely in the current and I love how they swell through out the day. The look of these corals has quickly made them my favorites in my office tank. I went to the LFS recently in search of more of...