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  1. whyamisofl

    Which New Fish?

    Adding the 2nd to last fish in my tank....other inhabitants are - Mated pair of percs Blackcap Basslet Banggai Cardinal Leopard Lineatus Fairy McCosker's Flasher Wrasse, Male
  2. whyamisofl

    Which New Fish??

    :( Didn't let me poll :'(
  3. whyamisofl

    Denver - ZFA?

    Anyone in the Denver Area interested in going in on some rare Zoa Frags and growing them out locally? Figured Colorado would be interested!
  4. whyamisofl

    New Zoas

    Picked these up yesterday from a fellow reefer and thought I would share! BooBerry Acid People Eaters & Corona Blue
  5. whyamisofl

    Which Phone???????????????????????????

    I have narrowed it down to these two..... If you didn't see my other thread - I would like something with either a full QWERTY keyboard or at least a squished version of it like my blackberry has. I will be using this phone for calls, texting (3-4k/mo), email, directions (not at&t GPS), and...
  6. whyamisofl

    At&t phones

    Thinking of signing a new contract with At&t and picking up a new phone. I currently have a Blackberry, but do not want another (internet is $50 more for blackberry). I was at the At&t store Saturday and saw a couple I liked, but thought I would ask the crowd their opinions. I DO NOT...
  7. whyamisofl

    MaxiJet Mod

    Which one and why?? The reason for the bundle kit is that it has the medium and high flow impellors for only $5 more They are both $14.99
  8. whyamisofl

    Wavemaker LIKE Seio Controller

    I am looking for a "wavemaker" that doesn't completely turn off. The Seio controller "The pumps on low operate at approximately 50% flow and then will ramp up to 100% when on high." I would purchase the Seio, but the 2 outlets ramp up at the same time.....I am looking for something that opposes...
  9. whyamisofl

    FS: 3-96w 36" PC retro kit

    Just took this off my 60g acrylic. Bulbs have about a month left on them. Comes with - 2 ballasts, one with one plug, one with 2 plugs 3 96w bulbs (2-10k & 1-actinic) Reflector w/ bulb clips Reflector could use a cleaning. Asking $30 + shipping from 80538
  10. whyamisofl

    FS: Rasta Zoa's

    6 polyp frag -SOLD
  11. whyamisofl

    Trade agreement between robertmathern & whyamisofl

    Here is a trade agreement between robertmathern and whyamisofl. Whyamisofl agrees to pay robertmathern shipping ($10.50) on a mag9.5 (priority mail) When whyamisofl receives mag9.5, whyamisofl will ship out the mag7 to robertmathern (priority mail) (the reason for the trade agreement is that I...
  12. whyamisofl

    Best glue or Epoxy for acrylic to wood??

    I need to attach a piece of wood onto the inside of my canopy, which is acrylic.....any ideas??? I was thinking super glue, but want to make sure that it has a nice bond... Suggestions??
  13. whyamisofl

    WTT: Mag7 for Mag9.5

    Looking for to trade my mag7 (less than a year old) for a mag9.5 in good condition. I am willing to pay shipping both ways if you are interested......
  14. whyamisofl

    Chaeto Flow????

    I have searched for the last couple days and cannot find a "number" or a turn over rate for a fuge. I added chaeto to my fuge last night and it really isn't moving. I have heard that it should "tumble", but it does nothing. I have about 500gph going through my fuge and nothing is moving...
  15. whyamisofl

    Headache Help

    I cannot believe I am turning to the aquarium forum for health issues......but I am about to give up if it doesn't get better. Little background - severe MVA (motor vehicle accident) in 2002, car rolled on my head 7 times. Lost complete vision in left eye, never to return. I'm 26. Anyway, so I...
  16. whyamisofl

    WTT - Rasta zoa's for -

    I have a 6 polyp frag of rasta's that I am looking to trade for any of the following -- Superman Purple Heart PRPE (Pink Rim People Eater) Nightmare Darth Maul Blood Rain ("Must Have" zoanthid for me) Bumble Bee Electric Strawberry The 6 are on the front of this plug
  17. whyamisofl

    LFS shopping

    LFS had some deals going on, so I picked up some stuff I have been wanting for a while, and then came upon a frag that I couldn't live without (last picture)........walked out $43 later carrying ALL of these! And the ones I couldn't live without - I also got some awesome green zoas, but...
  18. whyamisofl

    Red Mandarin Goby

    I asked my LFS to notify me ASAP upon their arrival. Well, they just got one in on Thursday. BRIGHT red, fat, and "overly" happy! Problem fuge has only been setup for about a week now! I do have 140# of LR in my 60g (not including the additional in the fuge). Do you think if I...
  19. whyamisofl

    $425 to spend on Lighting (T5)

    (My other thread is getting deleted as I have a set amount of money to spend) 60g tank currently has 3-96w PC's.......gotta go!!! I will be doing zoanthids, mushrooms, an anemone, and a colony of bright pink birdsnest (< [hr] the whole reason for changing lights, its a MUST!). In all honesty...
  20. whyamisofl

    T5 Light help

    I know there are a lot of threads on this topic, and I will admit that I did an extensive search, but I am to the point where I will be buying, so I want to make sure everything is in order before I click the "submit" button. 60g tank currently has 3-96w PC's.......gotta go!!! I will be doing...