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  1. 1990jpyj

    Daisy Polips questions

    ok so i just got a free frag of daisy pollips from my LFS, now i have a few questions about them: much light do they like? high med low much flow? if any... 3.what do i feed them? fast do they grow? acording to the store this is what they like: 1. mid tank light 2. little to no...
  2. 1990jpyj

    Reef question???

    ok so now that i have some time and a(good) test kit what peramiters should i have for it to be stable? and when i mean stable like what kind of ranges should i be in. kind of like a max-min situation. every where i look i get different answers so i figure i should ask the experts thanks
  3. 1990jpyj

    substrate "mixture", what do you use?

    ok so i am looking to switch from my CC substrate and i dont really like the look of just one type of agrogate. so i was wondering if some of you could post up some pic's(of your tank substart) of things you have used and what you "mixed" to get it that way. i have a 55g that needs about 50#s of...
  4. 1990jpyj

    new light, now lots of algee

    ok so last week i got my new light fixture to replace my old nova. i got a HL 48" 4X54w fixture. sence having this new light every night i have had to clean the algee off of my glass. its kinda a pain. my sanils cannot even keep up with the amount thats growing. what should i do? i cannot figure...
  5. 1990jpyj

    TRU light bulbs????

    ok i got a new light fixture for my tank and i was wondering if this brand of light bulbs are any good? they dont seem to be as nice as the corralife bulbs i had before, thats why i asked. i would like to replace them with something nice because they look cheap and almost look used. so i will...
  6. 1990jpyj

    "rolly poolie"?????

    ok so today when i looked at my nano i saw like 3 or 4 of these rollie poolie looking things in my cheato. are they good/bad? they seem to "run away" when i turned on my lights. they went into a shaded area. should i be worryed? i dont want anything to kill my fish
  7. 1990jpyj

    55g reef, i need some ideas...

    ok so this week i plan on getting my 55g into a reef. so far this is what i have: 1 55g tank(+1 years old) 1 marineland 400 filter 1 seaclone 150 skimmer(works perfect for me) 65#s LR and a few few smaller fish: 2 cardinals 1 clown 2 firefish on the 14th my new liek comes in. its a 48" HL 4X54W...
  8. 1990jpyj

    Pod Tank idea

    ok so i have a mandiran goby that i have had for over one year that eats prepaired food() but i noticed that when i put one of those baggys of pods in my tank he goes crazy eatting as many as possible. my father also has one in his tank but he can afford to buy the pods weekly for his lil...
  9. 1990jpyj

    125g stock list questions???

    ok so i have a 125g fish tank that i have been looking at finally building up and putting in some fish. my goal with this tank is to get some tangs in there. my question is how many tangs can i put in there safely? i have 1 hippo but i would like to do like 4 or 5 differnt types of tangs...
  10. 1990jpyj

    Transporting LR?

    ok so i found 100#'s of LR used from a friend who lives about an hour away. its a great price $2.50 per pound pre-cured(+5 years). now my question is how long can the live rock be out of the tank wrapped in paper towels(keep it moist) last? i would like to just put it in a DT that has been up...
  11. 1990jpyj

    Moving Live sand

    ok so i found some free sand on CL from a guy breaking down his 90g tank. i would like to know if it is really safe for me to take out all my CC(newb mistake) and replace it with his used sand. all this is in my 55g i know that i herd somewhere that its best to not disturbe the sand but i know...
  12. 1990jpyj

    28watts: what types of corals can i do???

    i have 2 tanks that i have found a few 28w fixtures for. i plan on using them as temp lights until i can get the "good" lights. i found them for $20ea so im not complaining. tanks: 10g- would like to do some zoa's and some softies. its 2.8w per gallon. my LFS says that its ok for them but i dont...
  13. 1990jpyj

    ???Purple Up???

    should it be used? my LFS just started selling it and they guy had no idea if it really works or not. i do have some coraline growing but its not as fast as i would like.i would like to speed it up. i have also herd that putting calcium in helps to. so i don't know which way to go. any help...
  14. 1990jpyj

    24" corallife light fixtures

    ok so i am buying 3 used coralife light fixture that are 24" long. they all need complete new bulbs. i was wondering what type of lights i should be getting. i plan on using these as a temp solution, for my 55g and my 20g for the time being. they are 30 watts each fixture, 2 bulbs at 15w each...
  15. 1990jpyj

    Starfish question???

    my dad is looking at getting a few more starfish for his tank(125g) and right now he has 1 chocolate chip in there. he would like to get a few mor CC's in there. how many can he have(saftly) with out it being a problem? i was thinking along the lines of 3 but thats Max. thanks
  16. 1990jpyj

    DIY LR with foam???

    so i read somewhere on the internet that ppl are using spray foam mixed with some LR to make there aquascape. it that even possible to do that? cuz if it is i might be able to save me some big money later on down the road. how does it work? does it take place of needing a large amount of LR...
  17. 1990jpyj

    how high should MH's be off the tank???

    ok so i am looking for a set of MH for a 20g. i plan on building a canopy for it, so my question is how high off the tank should the MH's be? i also plan on running a cheop set of T5's for some daylight, but all retroed into the canopy. i plan on hooking up a set of computer fans i have laying...
  18. 1990jpyj

    Nova Extreme- what kind of corals can this support

    Nova Extreme light system (216 watts - and 4 flou/actinic bulbs with built-in fan, 2 separate light controls and separate fan control. i found this light for $140.00(with a few new bulbs) and i plan on using this on my 75g. and i was wondering what type of corals this can support, if any. thanks
  19. 1990jpyj


    ok i have a few questions about cheato: what is it used for? i think i have an idea i just want to make sure. how quickly will it grow? what is the minimun amount of light it needs to grow? what fish will eat it? thanks
  20. 1990jpyj

    how does an Overflow box work?

    ok i have watched a few videos and i still dont understand how they totally work. i get how to get them started and all but what happens when the power goes out? do i have to restart the whole thing or will it do that by itself?