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  1. raptor72

    QT essentials

    I'm putting together equipment so I can start a QT again. I (will) have a 20 gal, heater, HOB filter, cheap led light, and was wondering if I need a skimmer. What else would be essential?
  2. raptor72

    Does GFO affect chaeto growth?

    This stuff used to multiply so fast for me, I was always giving it away. Since my GHA problem started and I began using the GFO, I haven't been able to keep a healthy ball of chaeto. It just slowly recedes, like my hairline.
  3. raptor72

    Another vacation catastrophy story/ ATO help

    I returned Thursday night from a 2 week vacation only to find that my makeshift top off system failed drastically. Long story short, my return section of my sump ran dry and there was no heat going to the tank for probably at least a week. I came home to a tank with no live fish except for a...
  4. raptor72

    Retrofit LEDs for canopy

    I have a 72" canopy that has two 34" Wavepoint T-5 retrofit kits side by side. I would like to add some additional lighting by maybe supplementing with a LED retrofit right next to it. Any ideas on who makes a good one?
  5. raptor72

    Sick of this GHA!

    Recently I had been getting the upper hand on a GHA problem in my 125. I was getting rid of the excess water that was used to thaw out frozen food. I was doing more frequent WC's, and installed a reactor with biopellets. I was even using some drops to get rid of phosphates (can't remember the...
  6. raptor72

    Aerate RO/Di saltmix?

    I was reading in a forum where someone was saying that RO/DI water had to be aerated in their mixing can while the salt was dissolving. Is this in addition to a circulation pump or does that do the trick also? Sent from my overpriced iPod Touch using Tapatalk
  7. raptor72

    Best size Nano?

    I've had a 9 gal tank for about 6 months now. I initially used it as a Qt for my 125 Dt. After everything was established, I started to use the Qt as a nano. I had success for about 8 months and recently lost most of the 5 fish I had in there. I'm guessing something was off with the water...
  8. raptor72

    Transferring Bristle Worms

    I've been thinking about transferring one or two bristle worms from my Dt to my 9gal nano to help with cleanup. My nano was started with pretty much sterile conditions so there are no worms to aid in the cleanup. Are there any concerns with this? Sent from my Droid phone using Tapatalk
  9. raptor72

    Looking for LED spotlight bulb for fuge

    Recently I read a post about a Led Spotlight bulb that someone was using in their fuge. I couldn't find the thread and I was wondering if anyone knew which bulb it was. Sent from my Droid phone using Tapatalk
  10. raptor72

    Biopellet Reactor Question

    This weekend I installed a two little fishies reactor with biopellets to help combat a serious growth of hair algae in my 125. My question is , does it matter where in the sump/fuge the discharge hose expels the water back into?
  11. raptor72

    Is foxface the culprit?

    My 125g has been up and running for just over a year now with plenty of success. About a month ago I added a foxface rabbitfish. Ever since, my entire zoo collection has been disappearing little by little. I caught him once nibbling on a colony, but since I sleep during the day, I hardly...
  12. raptor72

    clowns getting dark spots

    My 2 occelaris clowns have started developing small freckle type brownish spots over the past few days. Does anyone have any idea what they could be? I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.
  13. raptor72

    Need filter for 10g

    Looking for ideas for a good filter for a 10g Nano. I have an Aquatic Life 115 skimmer in there at the moment, but I need some sort of mechanical filtration. I currently have two damsels, a spot tailed blenny, a couple of peppermint shrimp and about 6 snails. Also I have about 8 lbs of live...
  14. raptor72

    He flushed a big Yellow Tang!

    One of my friends was moving this weekend and was offering me some of his fish since he was starting from scratch when he moved into his new house. I took a filefish and some live rock but was unable to take a big 5-6" Yellow Tang since I had one in my 125 already and didn't want to deal with...
  15. raptor72

    Coral ID please

    A lfs tossed in a tiny frag a few months back when I made a purchase. It has grown considerably since and I've been trying to figure out what it is. It was smaller than the size of a dime. It looks like a small clump of purple "flowers". Anybody have an idea what this is? This is what it...
  16. raptor72

    Free fish compatible with my stocklist?

    A friend of mine is breaking down his tank and is offering me his fish. I have a 125 gal with softies. He is giving me a yellow tang and a file fish. My current stocklist is; 1- blue tang 1 yellow tang 5 blue / green chromis 1 Malanarrus wrasse 1 McCosker's wrasse 1 lawnmower blenny 2...
  17. raptor72

    What munches on spaghetti worms?

    I have spaghetti worms all over the tank and was wondering what kind of fish would get rid of the majority of them. I've been doing water changes and feeding less to try to lessen the amount but it seems that some extra help is needed.
  18. raptor72

    Female Anthias doesn't like new mate!

    I've had a female orange Anthias for about a month now. I purchased a red male on Thursday and ever since, she's been chasing him all over the tank and leaving him cowering in a corner all day long. Other than putting him in my quarantine tank, what can I do to alleviate this?
  19. raptor72

    Vacation Feeding Question

    I'll be going on vacation soon and was wondering if an automatic feeder would do the job while I'm gone. I usually feed my fish twice a day, frozen in the morning and flakes in the evening. Would they be alright with just flakes and pellets for two weeks? I have a neighbor who is willing to...
  20. raptor72

    To quarantine or not to quarantine

    After several attempts at quarantining fish for a month and then only to have them die a week after I release them into the DT, I've joined the "Forget the QT club". The past five fish have all successfully thrived after directly introducing them into the DT. I know, I know, I can hear it...