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  1. fattytwobyfour

    2 new SPS coral ID please!

    Can anybody help me identify these? I am new to SPS. The first one seems to be thriving. (I've also got a pink birds nest, and it looks good). I'm unsure about these second photo though. I don't know what it is, or what it is supposed to look like.
  2. fattytwobyfour

    Are RO unit filters standard size?

    A friend gave me this unit for free. There is no instruction manual, and I can't find any info online. I've used it for most of this year, but want to change the filters so I can stay on top of the maintenance. I've found info how to change them online, but didn't know if the filter sizes were...
  3. fattytwobyfour

    Will coralline algae grow on Wall Hammer skeleton?

    I noticed that one side of my wall hammer is brown, and the other side is like a splotchy white. The side that has the splotchy white is close to the glass. That glass has started to explode with coralline algae growth (same color and blotches). I am pretty sure it is coralline algae, but...
  4. fattytwobyfour

    This is what we do on Saturday nights around here.

    We've never had a problem with yellow jackets, but there are literally thousands in our yard this year. We have found 2 underground nests, and tried every "green" method for removing them. Fall is quickly approaching, and they only get more aggressive as the weather cools. I have two nieces...
  5. fattytwobyfour

    28 Gallon Quarantine Build

    So I recently ordered a clownfish online who had a parasite, and infected the other clown that had been living in my 33 gallon display tank. Both of the fish died. I decided that it was time for me to have my own quarantine tank and do things the right way. The last fish died last week...
  6. fattytwobyfour

    The X-Files

    I just finished all 202 episodes. And now I'm depressed that it's over. It is for sure one of the best shows to have been put on television. I just wanted to recommend it, if you have not seen it. It's available to stream on Netflix.
  7. fattytwobyfour

    Can I add a sump to an already running tank?

    I am trying to study up on sumps, but I have no idea about them at all. Currently I am running a canister filter, and a HOB protein skimmer on my 33 gallon tank. It would be nice to use a sump to clear up room in my display tank. Can someone point me where to start researching? I don't...
  8. fattytwobyfour

    My 33 Gallon tank

    Here's a quick video I made of my tank last night before the lights went out. I had to shoot what was still open. :) I'm still stocking my tank, but it's slowly getting there.
  9. fattytwobyfour

    I can never get a 2nd clownfish to live in my tank.

    I have one clownfish that I purchased when I first set up my tank. That fish has survived everything my tank has been through the past 8 months. I initially introduced the clownfish as a pair. They did fine for several months. I came home one day, and found one dead. The water tested fine...
  10. fattytwobyfour

    Zoanthid ID

    This may be impossible to identify at this point. I ordered the "3150 Zoos- Assorted 10-15 Polyps" from the store here at They just came in today. They are still trying to open, but this is what they look like so far. They seem to be brown, with green in the middle. I...
  11. fattytwobyfour

    CB Angelfish jumped out of tank... New fish suggestions.

    My favorite fish, a Coral Beauty angelfish, recently jumped out of my tank while I was asleep recently. I was pretty upset, because this fish had given me no problems and really seemed to enjoy the environment I provided for him. I have been doing research before replacing him, and not sure...
  12. fattytwobyfour

    Odd Ball Xenia.

    I purchased a xenia today that was called "odd ball xenia". It is a metallic green color. The polyps have not opened up since putting in my tank today. I will try to see if it opens tomorrow. My question is, does it need the regular care as say a pulsing xenia? I've tried google, but can't find...
  13. fattytwobyfour

    ID Please

    ID please. I bought coral today, and noticed this long tentacle/worm like thing. It's light color. And got spikes along it.
  14. fattytwobyfour

    Replacing a clown that died.

    Last week I had a clown die unexpectedly. The clown showed no signs of stress or illness, and my parameters were really good. The only thing I can think of is that my other clown might have been possibly bullying it. I know that sometimes I would see it swimming towards it in an aggressive...
  15. fattytwobyfour

    Green Leather Toadstool is leaning.

    I purchased a Green Leather Toadstool yesterday. I put it in my tank. All of the polyps are fully extended. But it is leaning. I turned it around to see what it would do, and it leaned over to the opposite side. I'll post a photo in a minute from my cell phone. But was just wondering if I...
  16. fattytwobyfour

    Fish Poop Question.

    I've tried Google, but no luck. My coral beauty angelfish has a string hanging from him. I am wondering if this is poop and normal, or a serious problem. I didn't notice this in my pair of clownfish. The angelfish acts perfectly normal and is a very greedy eater. Am I feeding too much? I...
  17. fattytwobyfour

    Accidentally left canister pump off 5 days.

    I was cleaning the floss out after my last water change 5 days ago. I just realized that I never opened up the line, and water hasn't been flowing through it for 5 days. I had my 2 power heads and protein skimmer running the whole time. It was just a stupid mistake. Anything I need to watch for?
  18. fattytwobyfour

    Coral Hitchhiker ID please.

    I purchased a Kenya Coral tree in some live rock. It had a Xenia hitchhiker. I noticed to the left that another coral type thing is growing. I'm scared that its one of those pest anemones.
  19. fattytwobyfour

    Proper acclimation of coral beauty angelfish.

    Hey, I was wondering about the proper way to acclimate a coral beauty angelfish. I've done a lot of research online, but I would really like the advice from the members of this community My LFS (hour & half away) is holding me one of them. I am going to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. The main...
  20. fattytwobyfour

    Video of my aquarium

    I recently purchased my first pair of clownfish, and a green star polyp. As my tank matures, I hope to fill the mountain of live rock up. But still think it looks pretty awesome.