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  1. speg

    Introducing my new fish: "Dr. Evil"

    The most evil that you can fit into a fish less than the size of a golf ball.......... Introducing The Red Dwarf Pygmy Angler!
  2. speg

    If you care about your hobby, please look.

    Please click the link....this stuff is what happens when someone spews out opinion and people actually believe the opinion to be fact. Please read it--it's very short--and sign it if you feel inclined to do so...failure to stand up may result...
  3. speg

    #2 on the home plate.

  4. speg

    Not "Blue Hornets" Eye it & buy it.

    The "blue hornets" has listed are not blue hornets, but actually AOI's. A true "blue hornet" is slightly different.   However, the price for that many polyps is pretty solid and it's still a great deal. AOI's are awesome zoas and much hardier than actual blue hornets.   Just wanted to...
  5. speg

    MACNA 2010

    So is anybody there? I'm heading over tomorrow and will be there Sunday as well. Maybe I'll see some of you there?
  6. speg

    Happy birthday Speg

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
  7. speg

    The fascinating WOOD SPIDER

    Check out the wood spider and the experiments they've attempted on them. Very fascinating.
  8. speg

    So...who do I pay the $15 to?

    I'm a man of my word....where do I send the money?   This thing looks interesting..I hope it's not as confusing as it looks! It took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to post this :)
  9. speg

    Greatest discovery of our time?
  10. speg

    Turtle eats a cat whole!!! watch vid!!

  11. speg

    I want one of these...

    Does anybody have any experience with one of these cute lil cupcakes?
  12. speg

    Buffalo wing pretzels = not good?

    I just got a batch of buffalo wing pretzels today ..... I must say....something is wrong! They changed the texture of the pretzels and I'm not happy about this! I am praying that this is just a bad batch and any future product will be the same wonderful snack that I've grown used to.. more to come.
  13. speg

    lol this is awesome
  14. speg

    HEY! Go to FL if you want to do that!!!

    So my instructor told me an interesting story last Saturday... He's a probational officer...and one of the people he has to keep watch of apparently enjoys to do the "no-no" with his dog (cocker spaniel). My instructor, and the department he works for hates this guy for what he's doing and...
  15. speg

    Lets talk about it....farting..

    My wife said these sweet words to me yesterday "What happened to the guy who was afraid to fart in front of me?" I don't know why my favorite foods have got to give me the worst smelling gas in the world.. Buffalo wing pretzels....beef jerky.... these things should come with some sort of gas...
  16. speg

    purchased a 250 gallon tank that'll be a reef..

    250 gallon Tank-Stand-Sump-Overflow boxes-POS light strip.........$25. Yep... twenty five dollars. Came with a bunch of little accessories like magnet cleaner, filter media/socks/etc. This will eventually be a reef tank and probably an awesome looking one. I plan on getting two LED systems from...
  17. speg

    Almost a cop.

    I've been in college for a couple years now and I'm almost done getting my BA in justice studies..Just went and took the law enforcement written test and passed it...all that's left is renewing my drivers license and being tested on physical ability. I'm excited...I haven't shared the news that...
  18. speg

    Watch this without laughing and you win!

    Don't laugh or you lose.... good luck.
  19. speg

    Anybody know what this is?

    Picked this up today for $25 bucks. Did I get ripped off??
  20. speg

    Buffalo Wing Pretzels?

    Anybody else addicted? Things are amazing....