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  1. lmforbis

    Centropyge Angelfish

    I’ve always loved the potters angel. I have a flame so a potters is out.
  2. lmforbis

    My midnight angle fish died

    That is a lot of fish for a 30 gallon. Dwarf angels need more space, 70 gal min. Unless you’ve added additional fish since the angel, it is probably a result of aggression. When fish don’t have enough space to claim as their territory they get stressed out and attack their tank mates. The...
  3. lmforbis

    My midnight angle fish died

    We need more info. Tank size Water parameters Tank mates Age of tank Etc
  4. lmforbis

    Aquarium backgrounds

    I just paint mine black
  5. lmforbis

    Help with alkalinity test

    I only used it a couple times years ago. It is a crappy test kit. I prefer the Salifert as far as colorimetric titration tests. I use the Hanna checker.
  6. lmforbis

    Aggressive Chromis

    In general chromis are very aggressive even in a big tank. They tend to pick each other off until you only have one left. They are a kind of damsel, After all.
  7. lmforbis

    White spots on clownfish?

    First off you should never cycle with fish. It is very cruel. The ammonia generated during the cycle burns their gills. Kind of like inhaling ammonia vapor into your lungs. I will hurt like hell, make it difficult to breath then It will kill you. I’d suggest you remove the fish and return...
  8. lmforbis

    Need help with saltwater tank

    They don’t affect the fish. im sorry I have no experience with that skimmer.
  9. lmforbis

    Clownfish curled up

    I agree, my first thought was he looks really thin. what size tank and what are her tank mates.
  10. lmforbis

    Any Home Depot-type of epoxy to attach frags under water? This is the one SWF sells, there are others available from other retailers.
  11. lmforbis

    Any Home Depot-type of epoxy to attach frags under water?

    Gel super glue does work. Regular super glue not so much. The only aquarium safe underwater epoxies I’ve seen were in fish stores. The epoxies I’ve used have caused major issues with my skimmer overflowing for days. Personally I’d never use it again.
  12. lmforbis

    How to clean bottom of OCTO protein skimmer

    Here is the best one I could get. It isn’t easy to see it around my return drains. Sorry it is on its side I can’t seem to flip it. There is a layer of sediment on the
  13. lmforbis

    How to clean bottom of OCTO protein skimmer

    I have the same skimmer. Been using it at least 7 years. I don’t ever clean it other than the cup and have seen no issues with its function. I also use the reef octo waste collection container and it fills at a fairly consistent rate.
  14. lmforbis

    serious sand cleaning... advice needed

    Don’t mess with your sand bed. It will cause all kinds of issues From the release of hydrogen sulfide gas to screwing up your bio filtration and messing with the tiny critters in the sand that keep the system healthy. the tank is it’s own eco system. Crap on the sand bed is normal, it is in...
  15. lmforbis

    New Saltwater Tank :)

    Trigger of any sort is an absolute no way in a 40 gal. You need at least a 180. purple reef lobster may harm small fish. In a 40 all you can have are small fish. damsel will harass everything else to death. It is small but vicious. Not even a good idea in a large tank. Cortez rainbow...
  16. lmforbis

    Aquarium cycle without fish

    You would think so but we still see people using fish. Generally on the advise of their local fish store.
  17. lmforbis

    Automatic Water Testing - Fish Only Tanks

    kind of a hard combo to mix together.
  18. lmforbis

    Automatic Water Testing - Fish Only Tanks

    Neptune has a system as well but I’m not sure what it tests. Personally I don’t think it is worth the money for any of the automated systems. My pH is monitored by my Apex, only because the probe came with the system, and I rarely test the others. When I do, I use the salifert test kit for...
  19. lmforbis

    20 gallon aquarium stand. Metal or wood?

    That is mostly a choice based on aesthetics. I personally prefer wood, I build my own stands because my Tanks have been very large and I prefer them to be taller than the typical store bought stand. Things I’d consider in my choice if I were to buy one, beyond liking the way it looks, include...