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  1. fedel castro

    92 gallon corner complete set up

    i have a 92 gallon corner, no pics, must see in person, its comes with 4 maxi jet 1200's, black stand, black canopy, all glass no scrashes,new sump with dual socks and filter socks new, return submergable pump, and orbit 150 watt hqi 36 in with dual atinics barely used, all for 650.00 must go...
  2. fedel castro

    maxi jet 1200's only 8.00 bucks

    i have 14 1200 maxi jets going for 8.00, # is 735 6289, come and get it
  3. fedel castro

    good live rock going cheap

    i have some nice live rock, all sizes going for 2.50 lb, will ship, pay pal payments are excepted, thanks
  4. fedel castro

    uro reef skimmers

    i have a large and a medium uro reef skimmer, i'll work on model # and pic soon, both in good condition and going cheap, large one for 275.00 medium one for 175.00 both firm prices will ship as long you pay up front, i take pay pals payments, thankls.
  5. fedel castro

    large acrilc sump

    i have a 120 gallon sump, not drilled, going for 150.00 thick and ready to go to a large reef tank.
  6. fedel castro

    chiller 1 horse

    i have a chiller, its been recharge for the next person to have, i'm selling it for 300.00, its a us current and has a digi read out, i'm working on getting a pic but i'm shore it wont last, thanks.
  7. fedel castro

    hawkfish flame

  8. fedel castro

    hawkfish freckled

  9. fedel castro

    copperband butterfly

  10. fedel castro

    Tangs purple

  11. fedel castro

    trigger, cross hatch

  12. fedel castro

    Hawk fish Freckled

  13. fedel castro

    lobster blue spiny

    i noticed a pic in swf that has a coral banded shrimp in somebody's hand, well this one is in my hand, i have several spiny blue lobsters, this is the only 1 that i can handle.
  14. fedel castro

    green palys

  15. fedel castro

    green bubble

  16. fedel castro

    scotts fairry

    Sorry, i'm bad with pics, 80.00 cam, spent all my money on corals,lol.
  17. fedel castro

    clown fish

  18. fedel castro


  19. fedel castro

    Nudibranch Black

    size difference, this guy only comes out at night and is a fast mover.
  20. fedel castro

    green leather