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  1. bentley21

    Must have App to help with tracking parameters

    Hey I built this app to help me with water changes and keeping track of water parameters plus you can take pictures of your coral and fish in a gallery and track how many days you have had them. Support a member and download it on the apple store the app is called coral tank pro Thanks everyone...
  2. bentley21


    its white skinny and tiny. its growing like a weed. i dont know if its good for the take or bad. somepne please tell me what it is and what to do?
  3. bentley21

    HELP!! cloudy eye

    I just put a clown fish in my new tank. it looked healthy when i got it but now one of its eyes is cloudy. when i tested the levels they were not to high but not perfect. I dont know what the cause is. i hope to learn how to fix it for good. help please