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  1. Allen4k4

    Long Hair Green Algae

    Having a ling hair green algae melt down in my tank.. what are the beat critter to help clean this up- also is the green star polyp salvageable if covered in long hair algae.
  2. Allen4k4


    Hey all- I need help.. i bought a hammer coral for my 13.5 gal nano tank.. it was vibrant for a few days but then started to receed.. I though the flow was too high on the coral so I moved it.. two days since then there is a film over top (see pictures) is this a disease? Is my coral dead? Can O...
  3. Allen4k4

    Hammer Coral Wont Stay In Place

    I bought and orange hammer coral yesterday and placed it in the tank where it can get moderate flow and moderate light, basically mid level in the tank on a piece of live rock. I came down this morning and it had fallen. What is the best way to secure coral so that it does not fall from its...