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  1. jaymz

    Orca skimmer issues.

    Ok, the Tank is a 300g reef like tank. reef fish not much coral at the moment. Maintenance schedule is me monitoring the tank everyday to see what needs done. The tank is pretty self sustaining. It has a 75g sump with lot of live rock and RO autofill. Main tank has 6-8' sand bed with live rick...
  2. jaymz

    Orca skimmer issues.

    Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I have posted here as i had been out of the hobby for a few years. Anyway, i have recently taken over care of a 300g tank at a university and I have been having some issues with the skimmer. This skimmer is a fairly new large Orca brand skimmer...
  3. jaymz

    Blue Jaw is grumpy

    Ok I have a question about my blue jaw trigger. Over the last few weeks he has been not as active. He is refusing to chase down food anymore, I basically shove dried krill in his face and he'll eat it. He used to ride the current of my powerheads all day, now he hides most of the day. I have...
  4. jaymz

    Wk 16

    week 16 was ok
  5. jaymz

    I don't know who this woman is...

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight Interesting.... I guess tonight I will just park broad side across the street and block traffic, and run red lights and speed, just because it's convenient for me and I am 'fighting the power.' I guess everyone is just so special in their own eyes, they should...
  6. jaymz


    Originally Posted by T316 Where I come from, you have to be man enough to negotiate your own raise.... I have never had an army standing behind me to step in, just in case I wimp out and don't get what I want. Maybe I'm old school though.... Im old school though, thats some lame garbage to...
  7. jaymz = bust?

    Ill suggest it again. Charge a Monthly/Yearly free to sell. KingSnake does it and TONS of ppl sell there. $30/month or $100/Year. If 50 ppl bought a year selling pass thats 5K. I think that makes up for possible loss by ppl selling nickle and dime frags. Have restrictions too, only so many...
  8. jaymz

    Is My Lfs Cazy Or What?

    Ok i agree with your respnses to my comments. I never said anything about making a profit off of the corals, with all the money spent on electric and supplies while it was growing you would have to charge $1000 a peice to profit. Im talking about making some money back. Obviously the cuttings...
  9. jaymz

    Is My Lfs Cazy Or What?

    I read through alot of this and I dont get what was supposed to be bad about flipping a coral. I mean like you said if it starts to out grow my tank i sure am going to frag it and try to make a buck. I pumped hundrends of dollars of light electircity into that thing while it was growing, water...
  10. jaymz


    I dont like getting them so i dont send them..
  11. jaymz

    Nemo & Dorey?

    I too used to work at a LFS and i would try to talk people into getting a Fiji blue devil damsel as Dory. Much cheaper and easier to take care of. These fish are hearty and come with an attitude, but nemo (false percula) can handle it. Blue hippos are ich magnets and get large and loose there...
  12. jaymz

    does anyone have a jbj light

    I have used coralife bulbs in my JBJs they are more easily found than the JBJs. They are the same length. DeathCo carries them.
  13. jaymz

    What is happening to my blue angel?

    Fish looks healthy, water seems to be in order. Your SG is fine unless you are keeping corals then i would try to raise it to the 1.024-1.026 range I would fare to say your fish is starting its color change to its adult coloration. those white bars will just keep getting wider.
  14. jaymz


    I like how the frosting was licked off before the bite occured. God love the dogs because they drive me crazy! I have 4, the smallest weighing 75lbs.
  15. jaymz

    Freshwater Snail Question

    I didnt read through all of this, but seeing as your eel is scaless it is easily threatened by any chemical in your tank. I have had this problem get a couple small loaches or botias (bow-tea-uh) Skunk Botia Stays small great snail eater. Yo Yo loach pretty Red tail botia These are all good ones...
  16. jaymz

    blue ring octopus question

    Originally Posted by -Tara33- so were you live you dont have spiders or jellyfish or piosoness snakes or octopies or sea snakes. is it just full of cuddly bears and squirells ;) honestly yes we have copperhead snakes thats about it. and people rarely die from the bites. Im not knocking...
  17. jaymz

    blue ring octopus question

    Originally Posted by Keri Yeah, Australia is a fabulous place to go and get bitten by something venomous ;) Octopi (and sea snakes!!) in the ocean, snakes and spiders on land....I think even the platypus (male) is slightly venomous...It's a good thing the place itself is gorgeous!! Austrailia...
  18. jaymz

    Michael Vick...

    If the NFL wont take him the CFL will
  19. jaymz


    I have halimeda growing well in my tank an it fades to a really light green everynight after the light go out. I dont think halimeda goes sexual, thats caluerpa.
  20. jaymz

    If only Frogspawn could talk

    If you have a firend with a good set up, or if you local LFS will hold it for you in the mean time that will help out your FS until you can get the lighting.