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  1. ifirefight

    NEW Apex Neptune

    Pre-ordered the New Apex....Don't tell the wife...:rolleyes: I was holding off,but I pulled the trigger... Have the reef keeper lite right now, Going for the upgrade..Expensive,but this hobby aint for sissies..Will update once I have it in my hands.
  2. ifirefight

    Best UV Sterilizer?

    My ancient turbo twist died... Apparently the new coralifes are junk...Any suggestion for a 150? Ive heard Aqua and TMC Vecton are good...any suggestions appreciated.
  3. ifirefight

    Hydor Gen 3

    Anybody running these? Looking for some input. I have had numerous powerheads from them, been pleased overall with them..currently running 4 Evos on my 150. Thinking of trying these out but have read mixed reviews...
  4. ifirefight

    ifirefights 150 reef

    I recently had a leak in my 130....long story short, was able to save most everything... Upgraded to a 150... Not as nice as my 130 was at one time,but I am getting there...I have a few old threads on here if you want to search it for the old tank..had this (well not this exact tank) system...
  5. ifirefight

    External chiller controller/Ranco

    I have a JBJ Arctica chiller that I want to use with a Ranco control unit...but the JBJ has a built in temp sensor to switch chiller on and off... How do I connect the Ranco to the chiller? Im guessing I need to open it up and disable the temp probe inside the chiller or is there another/ better...
  6. ifirefight


    Anybody got one??? Discuss. Just ordered 2 online for xmas presents... I hope it lives up to the hype....
  7. ifirefight

    Silicone repair again..

    My corner 45 gallon QT tank sprung a leak last night...very small pissing from a seam... I went and got aquarium safe DAP silicone from Home Depot.. Im going to scrape off as much silicone as I can from ALL seams and re do with this type of silicone... Any suggestions appreciated... I looked at...
  8. ifirefight

    ifirefights 130 reef 6 1/2 years and going strong...

    Hi guys and gals, I have not been on the message boards for a while..but I am still going strong. Some of the old timers will remember me,and I would like to say Hi to the "new folks". Figured I would post an updated photo of the set up. Have crazy growth on all my corals,unfortunately I lost my...
  9. ifirefight

    ATO failed....almost

    I have an ATO system on my 130. Well, this morning I woke up,opened one of the doors on the stand so I can flip the sump light on...and notice the 40 gallon sump is ALMOST overflowing...literally 1/2 inch from going over... quick diagnosis,only culprit can be the ATO. Luckilly I have redundency...
  10. ifirefight

    Ranco controller

    I have a older prime 1/4 hp chiller with Ranco controller..problem is,when the power goes reverts back to the factory setting of a 6 degree temp swing. I have mine set for 2 degrees... Does anybody have a newer Ranco controller,and if you do...does it keep the settings if the power goes...
  11. ifirefight

    Pinched mantle? Yes or No?

    Well it has been over a month since I first noticed my large squamossa not fully extending. I believe he has pinched other clams were fine until a few days both the maxima and croeca seem to have are a few this pinched mantle or something else??? Thanks
  12. ifirefight

    Algae Scrubber..who actually HAS one.

    Thinking of maybe doing one for my 130. I want to know who actually has one ( on these boards ) and do you feel it is worth the effort. And please dont tell me to read all 24 pages of the santamonica post.....I tried,it gave me a headache. Ive been around here for awhile,and want to see if any...
  13. ifirefight

    ifirefights ocean water collecting video

    most of you "oldtimers" are aware that I use NSW (ocean water) in my aquariums. I have been since day 1. I recently got a new video camera and have actually figured out how to use it and post videos. I decided to make a video of the collection process and post it here for anybody that is...
  14. ifirefight

    RO container = High TDS reading

    I was doing my water change today..I decided to check my 44 gallons of RO/DI I use for top off water. I was getting a reading of 003,so I figure,well I better order some new filters. Then just for s4its and giggles,I turned on the RO/Di unit and let some water run into a clean glass...reading...
  15. ifirefight

    Pinched Mantle

    My beloved Squamosa clam that is at least 6 years old looks like he is succoming to the disease. I have had him for over 3 years,and the proir owner had it about the same amount. He is 13 inches with mantle extended. Friday, I noticed him not extending,did some research,everything pointed to...
  16. ifirefight

    ifirefights 130 REEF VIDEO !!!!

    Alright heres my attempt to share my aquarium via video... remember,Im not very computer this is the best I could do... I hope you enjoy it. Dont hesitate to ask questions.. The first link is of the tank,corals and fish. The second is a "behind the scenes" look at the equipment and...
  17. ifirefight

    video taking 1hr to load???

    I got a new video camera..trying to load a 3 minute video to you tube so I can post it here... It is counting down,seems like it has an hour to go..does that seem right??? Also ,after I load it,is there a way to MUTE the sound so it doesnt play sound when people watch it?
  18. ifirefight

    aquapod mod help

    My daughters aqua pod needs an upgrade...I have searched and searched for modifications and have came across many...,however most were posted a while ago and all the pictures have expired.(its easier for me to follow,if I see pics). Anyway, I am interested in the mj900 or mj1200 mod,(I think...
  19. ifirefight

    Algae on plastic/pvc only.... how come??

    Im not really sure why,but the small amount of algae that I get in my 130 gallon really likes the pvc/plastic things in the aquarium, i.e..powerheads,my overflow etc.. Same in my Daughters 30 nano. I get bubble algae on the powerheads and back wall. Very rarely anyplace else. Just was wondering...
  20. ifirefight

    SWC replacement pump??

    I have a Octopus recirc needlewheel 200 purchaced in July 2007. I think its time to replace the pump and NW. Does anybody know what Sicce pump will fit,or do I need to use the original OTP pump like the one that came with it? Also I see they are selling a "flexible" NW it worth...