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  1. nycustomsumps

    WTB ice cap 250watt MH ballast

    looking for 2 ice cap 250watt metal halide ballasts. please PM me ,thanks
  2. nycustomsumps

    compact flour 96 watt lamps/ballast kit for sale

    i have 4 -96 watt square pin power compact lamps for sale. 1-10,000k , 2-actinic , 1-50/50 (10,000k+actinic) all brand new. $25.00 each plus shipping also have a 2X96 watt electronic ballast kit brand new. kit includes 2-square pin end caps , 4 stainless steel lamp clips with retainer bands , 1-...
  3. nycustomsumps

    remote ballast 3X175MH 2X160VHO for sale

    i have a brand new remote ventilated ballast , has 3 X 175 metal halide ballasts and a 2 X160 VHO ballast. fires 3 MH 175 watt lamps and 2 VHO 160 watt lamps. made by captive sun/hamilton , has 3 seperate power cords and 3 seperate on/off swithes , 2 canopy plugs. make offer , weighs 50 lbs...
  4. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B mag drive 12

    looking for a mag drive 12 pump. PM or email me
  5. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B mag 12

    looking for a mag 12 , please PM me if you have one avalible thanks
  6. nycustomsumps

    for sale mated pair of black&white ocellaris

    selling a mated/egg laying pair of black and white ocellaris clownfish. pair lays eggs regularly , very nice colored pair , fully barred $99.00 + shipping , i accept paypal i will add pics soon please PM or email me at:
  7. nycustomsumps

    125 gal setup for sale in buffalo,NY

    iam upgrading to a 180g and selling a nice 125g setup only about a year old. heres what the setup includes: -125 gallon ALL-GLASS brand tank (72" X 18" X 22"H) with glass tops and background. -pine stand (ALL-GLASS brand) -custom acrylic sump/refuge (44" X 15" X 15") with intake/skimmer section...
  8. nycustomsumps

    CLOWNFISH breeding items for sale

    i have some misc. clownfish breeding items for sale. pics on request , prices listed , i take paypal, fast shipping. please PM or email me at: also contact me for shipping prices ,thanks -120 micron plankton collector/sieve= $12.00 -pytoplankton fertilizer 1.5oz bottle...
  9. nycustomsumps

    chaeto $10 a bag shipped

    have alot of chaeto in the refuge that needs to go , it is full of critters. selling a stuffed ziplock sandwich bag full for $10 shipped. chaeto will be shipped by USPS priority mail. i accept paypal PM me or email me at:
  10. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B 180gal with built in overflows in WNY

    iam looking for a 180gal ALL-GLASS brand tank with the mega overflows. iam in buffalo ,NY please PM in you have one , thanks
  11. nycustomsumps

    cheato $10 a bag

    have about 20-25 sandwich bags of nice dark green chaeto , been in my refuge about a year, full of pods,snails,etc. $10 for a ziplock sandwich bag ,shipped USPS priority mail please PM in interested.
  12. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B caulerpa sertularioides

    looking for a bag of caulerpa sertularioides , the wide leaflet type. need it shipped to buffalo,NY 14218 will pay via paypal thanks
  13. nycustomsumps

    coralife 100GPD RO with pump for sale in WNY

    iam selling a like new coralife/pure-flo 100GPD RO unit with pump. its only been used a couple times to make about 75g of water. works perfect , comes with all original packaging , manuals , parts and 1 year warranty. asking $199 + actual shipping from buffalo ,NY 14218. the RO weighs about...
  14. nycustomsumps

    coralife 100GPD RO with pump for sale in WNY

    selling a coralife/pure-flo 100 GPD RO system with pump. system is a couple months old and i only used it a few times for water changes(maybe 75 gallons). i have all the accessories and manuals and original box and packaging and a 1 year warranty. asking $199.00 for the system and the actual...
  15. nycustomsumps


    [hr] This forum is for hobbyists who want to sell or trade frags or other livestock. No businesses are allowed. No links are permitted. If you have something to sell you will need to post the pictures/descriptions in the thread. In order to post in this area, you must be a member in good...
  16. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B liverock rubble

    looking for a few pounds(5-10lbs.) of liverock rubble. from marble-egg sized pieces. iam in buffalo,ny 14219 please PM me if you have it , thanks
  17. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B tonga live rock

    looking for tonga & tonga branch live rock iam in NY and it can be shipped. please PM me if you have any , thanks
  18. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B tidepool 2 filter

    looking for a marineland tidepool 2 wet/dry filter please PM me if you have one , thanks
  19. nycustomsumps

    w.t.b. BRANCH live rock in NY

    looking for branch live rock in new york. please PM if you have any , thanks
  20. nycustomsumps

    W.T.B fiji or tonga branch LR in NY

    looking for fiji or tonga branch liverock. shipped to NY zip 14210 please PM me if you have any