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  1. flame guy

    selling Aquac Urchin with maxijet1200 pump

    This one has a crack in the upper side corner.I glued back together and it works like a charm.Damage is in the dry part of the skimmer so it does'nt affect the operation at all. No need for this skimmer and it's sitting in my garage so, I'm selling it for $65.00 shipped!! and here's the pic of...
  2. flame guy

    My 75 and 150 tank pics

    75 gal. 150 gal. My future plan is to get a 330 gal. tank to combine these two. I would hate to break em apart but, i will have to when the time comes so...enjoy em :joy:
  3. flame guy

    for sale beautiful regal angel in chicago

    Well i posted this regal angel for sale 1 wk ago but, the person that wants to buy it were "no show" so, it is back up for sale. This fish eats like a pig. Eats off my hand pellets too! I'm selling for $55.00 about 3 1/2 inch. Again i really love to keep her but, i have some zoas i want to keep...
  4. flame guy

    beautiful regal angel eats pellets in chicago

    I have a regal angelfish about 3 1/2 inch. eats pellets and everything else i throw in my tank but, the problem is its starting to mow down my zoos. As much as i love this fish She's gotta go. So I'm willing to sell it for $50.00 I bought it 4 mos. ago for $100.00. My lost is your gain and it is...
  5. flame guy

    wtt guarranted code for nice sps

    I have a guarranted code for a purple tang here, anyone interested of trading any of their cool looking sps coral as i won't be needing this fish anymore.
  6. flame guy

    question for Beth

    Can you run a skimmer during hypo treatment?
  7. flame guy

    Selling banded multifasciatus angelfish

    A beautiful 3in. multibanded dwarf angelfish. Asking $25.00 for P/U only. I'm located in Carol Stream, Il. Ph# 630-456-3027 first one takes it. Regular price range from $60.00 and up.See pics at *Link Removed* :happyfish
  8. flame guy

    F/S Azoo CH/200 Chiller/Heater 240watts

    I'm selling a used in like new condition Azoo chiller/heater that I have used on my 60gal. for 1 season. It works great for both chilling in summer and heating in winter, its very quiet and it comes w/owner's manual and orig. box. Just plug and play. Its a thermoelectric technology and use no...
  9. flame guy

    For sale 48in. Jebo pc 220W & two 65w flourex refugium lights

    Jebo 48in. power compact w/four 55w straight pin (2 actinic & 2 10000k bulb), This unit is 1yr. and 4 mos. old but, the bulbs are 4 mos. old still have some life in it. Asking $35.00 +$15.00 shipping, local pick-up is also welcome. The two 65w flourex by lights of america are 3 mos. old. Great...
  10. flame guy

    flame angel for copperband anyone in chicago

    Hi! I'd like to trade my flame angel (2.5 inches) for copperband butterfly in chicago. Anyone interested?
  11. flame guy

    pair of black perc. hosting goniopora.

    every now and then they host my goniopora, They also host a BTA mostly especially at night. Will they damage my goniopora?
  12. flame guy

    king of the tank

    He's the boss
  13. flame guy

    Pics of my 135

  14. flame guy

    for sale green hammer coral with free xenia in chicago area!

    Hi! everyone im selling my green hammer coral open up to about 5 inches ball size.