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  1. jaymz

    Orca skimmer issues.

    Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I have posted here as i had been out of the hobby for a few years. Anyway, i have recently taken over care of a 300g tank at a university and I have been having some issues with the skimmer. This skimmer is a fairly new large Orca brand skimmer...
  2. jaymz

    Blue Jaw is grumpy

    Ok I have a question about my blue jaw trigger. Over the last few weeks he has been not as active. He is refusing to chase down food anymore, I basically shove dried krill in his face and he'll eat it. He used to ride the current of my powerheads all day, now he hides most of the day. I have...
  3. jaymz

    Duncan growth

    I have a nice bright green duncan that has had this baby head trying to grow. I have a hard time feeding the baby head. Will the larger heads nourish the smaller ones?
  4. jaymz

    New babies!!

    I got a boy and a girl! Matrix Blonde Pastel: Female Graziani Pastel: Male Both with my 9 month old normal Female As usual the picutres are terrible. Seeing them in person is so much better. In about a year and a few months when the female gets to breeding weight I can make some super pastels.
  5. jaymz

    Montipora question

    I recently picked up a half dollar sized peice of red monti cap. I started it low and moved it up the tank over a couple days to a spot where i glued it down as close to the light as i can get. I have noticed it has browned out and a a couple spots on the edges has bleached. May this be from...
  6. jaymz

    Do you own a Blue Jaw Trigger?

    I have a question for you. I have had an awesome male blue jaw trig for a long time and his great. He is not the problem. I have just had an outbreak of aiptasia! I will get joes juice if i have to eventually, but I would rather try some peppermint shrimp. Will a blue jaw eat the shrimp...
  7. jaymz

    What kinda calm am I.

    I think crocea, the idiot at the store didnt know. he knew every single scientific name for all the corals but had no clue on the clams. I traded in a few corals with some cash it came out to be about $50. How did I do/ its about 3"-4" long.
  8. jaymz

    Nintendo Game Cube

    Hey everyone. I am not sure if i can post this if not remove it. I am selling a Black Nintendo Game cube with 3 controllers ,12 games, memory cards, etc... I'm asking $125 shipped.. email me at for pic and list of games and such. Thanks
  9. jaymz

    What kind of fish is this?

    I am assuming its a type of puffer. But its a sweet looking little guy. This is a link to a page dedicated to this guys tank. I am talking about the orange and white fish you see first. Check out 'The Worm Incident" link at the bottom of the menu. Seriously. What am I?
  10. jaymz

    Any other vista users?!

    Ok I know alot of people are agaisnt vista and went back to XP, but i like vista. the only thing i do not like is the stupid tool/button bar that pops down from the top of the screen everytime you put your cursor up there... which is CONSTANTLY and it wont go away after it has dropped down. I...
  11. jaymz

    Red foot conch

    I got this red foot conch about a month ago put it in the tank and have not seen it until i happened to notice it a few minutes ago. Just figured i would share. Anyone else have one?
  12. jaymz

    Google Chrome

    Has anyone else tried Google Chrome.. its googles new browser. I downloaded it a few hours ago and like it.. its really smooth and fast. no glitches yet.
  13. jaymz

    HOT POCKETS Recalled, now what do I eat?

    Nestle recalled 250 THOUSAND pounds of pepperoni Hot Pockets saying they contain FOREIGN MATERIAL.. I have looked on atleast 6 different sites and no one seems to know what this foreign material is. I only occasionally eat the meatball sub hot pockets but maybe not any more. It was discovered...
  14. jaymz

    Can fish swim too much?

    Ok wierd question but My blue jaw trig spend 90% of the time the lights are on (so about 8 hours) swimming in the current of my modded maxijet 900. i mean non stop unless i drop some food in there for him. I know it natural for them to want to swim and get that open water feeling. So is that a...
  15. jaymz

    Lighting Question

    I am wanting to upgrade my lighting. I currently am running a coral life 260w PC fixture. I can reasonably afford a HO T-5 unit 10,000k 2x54 watts. that will put me at 108 watts of HO T-5. This is on a 75g, will that 108w be enough light to make the switching over worth it?
  16. jaymz

    Bubbled discosoma

    Has anyone seen these before? I search the forums and could not find anything. My lfs had a couple of them with the name Bubble Morph. It some sort of discosoma. Its pretty big about 3"-4" across when fully bloomed which it is not in the picture. Hope my tomato clown hosts it. Ever since I...
  17. jaymz

    Whammin Watermelon?

    Are these whammin Watermelons? is there a name for the morphs with the all purple disc?
  18. jaymz

    Whammin Watermelon?

    Are these whammin Watermelons? is there a name for the morphs with the all purple disc.
  19. jaymz

    New Sponge

    I got this sponge its very nice and healthy. I have a few questions. I have placed it on the sand bed as you can see. Is this ok or should it be on a peice of rock. I have small sponges (green and orange) on my rocks that are doing fine. Do they feed from the water column or can I feed a...
  20. jaymz

    squirmy wormy

    OK. I just found this worm in my rock. This thing is from what i can see about 3" long and about as big around as the cable on your computer mouse. As you can see it is mainly a white color with dark bands on one side of the body. I saw it groping at the rock with something that looked like a...