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  1. santamonicahelp

    What’s going on at the Santa Monica Pier Public Aquarium this week

    Hello, everyone. My name is Kamran, and I am a helper here at Santa Monica Filtration. I am also an aquarist intern at the Santa Monica Pier Public Aquarium: I’ll be giving periodic updates regarding various going-ons at the aquarium, and if you have any...
  2. santamonicahelp

    Help David Attenborough help the Great Barrier Reef SF
  3. santamonicahelp

    Hey, everyone.

    Hey, everyone at saltwaterfish. I'm Kaia, living in Los Angeles area, they place I grew up doesn't have a lot of SW livestock, seeing so many beautiful aquariums, I feel very lucky to be here. I don't have my own SW tank yet, but I'm looking forward to having one. Hope that will happen soon.