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  1. reefforbrains

    Do you like Chinese food??

    *click* delete please.
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    The Shakeweight!...

    Someone just showed me the infomercial for it. Just how many people signed off on this production as a "good idea"??? I couldn't make this up if I tried......
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    This is growing on my rock! Please ID!!

    Can anyone please help me on this? It has been growing for a while. Just sprung up. Here are the details. It is sort of goofy shaped with these things coming off of it. Has a few small spots but otherwise a kind of greenish redish. If I tilt my head and stand on one leg while looking at it, I...
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    Happy Birthday Coral Keeper!

    Happy birthday Sir. The Big One-Six!.
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    Stock Market

    Ok folks. Pick your ponies. Premarket is already heating up. The hooey report is coming out. The infamous Banking stress test results are going to be released this morning and things are going to: Hit the floor or hit the roof? Hitting the fan is a given. Who else is in the boat waiting to watch...
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    Anyone Follow The Stock Market(s)????????

    I am curious who else lives close to the stock market(s)? Where are YOUR eggs? High risk pinky Financial sections? Blue Chip/Conglomerates as the safe bet to weather the storm? IPO's.......Pulling out all together? Feel free to say anything you like about both the topic or the markets but...
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    New camera, dorking around and thought I should share.

    Wasnt quite sure if to post this in photography section or here since it really isn't aqaurium related.. Just thought I would share. Single grain of salt sitting on the counter.
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    Numismatics in the house?

    Just curious what the numbers are. Been digging a deep hole lately. No one local to me is active in the hobby so I often lose sight of how fast or slow I am attacking it. It can sometimes add a real shock when you start to tally your expenses for a given year. How much is too much for one...
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    Boy scouts...such nice role considerate....

    Such selfless service towards the community. Such honorable and noble young lads..... OK, watch the vid....
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    Need some North Dakota Folks

    Hey folks, been gone a while.... Need to post a flag and ask for some help from someone from North Dakota. Bizmarck area or close to it would be great. PM for details if your local. Thank you, -RFB
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    B, Double E, Double R, U, N Stuck in my head. Thought I would share. Its old but always funny.
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    The cheapo Frag tank.......

    Seen quite a few folks looking to build frag tanks. I am certainly no expert but I just wanted to post a video of a cheap frag tank ANYONE can build. Get a taste of growing before spending rediculous amounts of money or time trying something you might not even like. You can see in the video all...
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    New track suit!!! Yeah!!

    um.. well I guess thats about it but I am exited so I thought I would share. Sorry CFR not bacon colored. But I did think of it. Just didnt want to have to paint a bike like bacon to match. I did give it careful consideration on exactly how hard it might be to configure the colors to look like...
  14. reefforbrains

    California Fires...Who else had a house burn?

    Summer is always hot and dry out here in the valley but this year with the dry lighting its CRAZY!! Been away from the boards for a bit so forgive me if this is double threaded in another posting. Seems as soon as I help one friend get defensible and evacuate, I get a phone call from another...
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    I cant stand hippies.

    Yep. Can't stand them. The smell is unbearable. The only thing worse than the smell is the sense of entitlement they beam while badgering you for change. Got bothered for change today by some rediculous losers in a van today and I just got SO bothered by the sense of entitlement they had. They...
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    delete please

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    RFB's Shamless plug for the little guys........

    Ok folks, many know I broke down this tank to go overseas last year. This is an older picture from it. Its just a favorite. I would like to thank the parents....Oh wait. I havent won yet. So Ill wait on the speech. This little tux urchin was a hand-me-down from a friends tank and he...
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    Why ME, why do I attract Clist whackos?

    To those that use Clist to sell/buy items- why in the world do I get all the total nuts that come from the woodwork? It expected as part of the norm to have misc offers, but I just got a phone with an offer for some female companionship in exchange for my goods!!!. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET!! come on...
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    When I grow up I want to be like mommy

    I am still laughing about this picture. Had to share it.
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    This one time at band camp....back in St. Olif

    Happy tell a story day!! April 27th -RFB