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  1. clatong


    Yesterday I noticed that my male seahorse had a slightly large abdomen, and it's slightly larger again today. He is acting a little more shy than usual, but ate the normal amount both nights. What seems odd is that he is hanging out higher in the tank than normal, and it looks to me like he's...
  2. clatong

    Light Question

    My T5 HO light fixture decided to die last night. I'd like to take the opportunity to upgrade, at least slightly, into the low/mid LED range. There are two options that seem decent based on my very limited knowledge that are available to me locally. My tank is just 36 gallons, and contains...
  3. clatong

    Avoiding Snail Eggs

    My 36 gallon tank has been up and running for about 6 months now. I started with a few Trochus snails, in addition to some Nassarius snails. About a month ago I ordered some Nerite snails from this site, as algae had started to spread to the point where I felt I could use some more snails...
  4. clatong

    Macro Algae

    I see a lot of posts recommending the use of macro algae to help keep parameters stable, but for some reason (maybe it's just me) am having some trouble finding easy to understand information on them for people new to macro algae, like myself! My tank has been running for almost 6 months now...
  5. clatong

    Dry Rock Type - Preference Only?

    Hello, I want to purchase some dry, base rock from a site that has been recommended to me by many different posts. The site offers both Key Largo and Fiji dry rock. Is one type "better" than the other, or should I simply go with which I find more visually (and possibly financially!)...
  6. clatong

    Beginner Question about Filtration

    Hello all - I have a 36 gallon tank, and plan on using roughly 50 lbs of live rock and a 1 inch bed of live sand. I will be using a protein skimmer. I know that I need a certain amount of water movement. If I used just powerheads to achieve the desired amount, would I need any sort of...
  7. clatong

    Artificial Plants

    I plan on using several artificial plants/corals in my tank, primarily for use as hitching posts for my seahorses. Will the snails and/or shrimp help keep these clean, or should I expect to have to clean them myself? Thanks for your input!
  8. clatong

    Tankmates and Seahorse Fry

    I have found a lot of useful information on these forums, including information on safe tankmates for seahorses, but I have a question. Are there any tankmates that will typically be very peaceful to the adult seahorses but that would eat seahorse fry? I've read that some cleaner shrimp will...
  9. clatong

    Size of Cleanup Crew

    I'm currently in the "research" stage of setting up a saltwater tank. The tank is 36 gallons, and will have roughly 40 lbs of live rock. The substrate will be 1 inch of live aragonite sand. The primary hosts will be a pair of seahorses, though I may add a couple of other passive, slow moving...
  10. clatong

    Starting with Dry Rock

    Though I'm still early in the research phase, I plan on starting a 36 gallon saltwater tank in the future. Searching online, I've found some very attractive dry rock, packaged with Dry Aragonite sand. The rock is supposedly "pre-cycled", which I'm told will speed up the process. I've read that...