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  1. murph145

    25g solana update pics 10 weeks old

    just wanted to share an update of my lil tank all has done well and this thing has run smooth since day1 cant believe its only been 10 weeks some corals are growing great... acans got 6 babies on it and duncans has around 8... all sps have been growing nciely and have some good coloration with...
  2. murph145

    check out the new items

    well got some more corals stocked up in my 25 gallon including a ora black and white percula and a green bubble tip... the bubble moved to the back of the tank ill let him get adjusted before i move him back... its funny because alot of these sps are from my original 180 tank my friend kept some...
  3. murph145

    Well I'm back and this time I'm doing a nano! w/ pics

    Hello everyone! Well it has been a while since I have been here. I broke down my old 180G reef tank back in October and I have taken a nice break from the constant maintenance and the cash needed to run the darn thing! I decided I would get back into the hobby and get myself a Solana high...
  4. murph145

    why buy frags buy my tank

    ok sounds crazy and im sure ill probably get no takers but if anyone is interested in buying my tank as a complete setup and is local enough to do this let me know. I am planning on moving within the next few months and to tell you the truth i can take a break from the electric bill and...
  5. murph145

    just sharin a new pic of the tank

    was bored tonight and took a full tank shot it actually came out decent so i thought id share... lots of times my cheesy camera doesnt catch colors right or is too blurry but this one is pretty acurate
  6. murph145

    long time no see

    hey everyone... just wanted to pop in and say hi i havent been on in a long time... super busy with work and life in general... anyways here is my 180 for those of you that remember me ... tank has been doing good i got rid of a ton of polyps and zoo's tank became over ridden by them and i lost...
  7. murph145

    its been a while! new tank shot

    wow i havent been on line in a while! SWF has some new sections now nice... i just wanted to say hi to those who remember me and show an updated tank shot... tank has been doin well for the most part but i actually just got rid of a ton of zoo's they were over taking my tank even with all i have...
  8. murph145

    some macros my friend took with his camera

    well my friend brouht his camera over with his expensive macro lense hes getting use to it still and i think he needs a tripod for some shots cuz its hard to hold steady... anyways heres some shots what do u guys think?
  9. murph145

    my new wrasse

    my new wrasse got this orange back wrasse today hes already out and swimming around my mystery and leopard wrasses dont even bother with him .... i also got a small unicorn tang today but hes hidding behind a rock so i didnt snap a pic
  10. murph145

    a few new pics and a few macros

    just cleanin the tank a lil so turned off flow and snapped a few pics to share first is my acropora desalwii this thing just keeps getting better and better then some macros on some tips of my blue tipped slimer then my yellow hycanthus table acro and then my purple rim cap frag starting...
  11. murph145

    what can stop my superman??

    well i guess its a superman coral for a reason all the corals around it its slowly growing over and killing... hmmm wheres the kryptonite?>? heres a pic from the side and in this pic you can catch a glance of its growth in the upper left hand corner and its growing over the base of my blue stag...
  12. murph145

    what would a frag of Atlantis Pink Polyd Cap go for?

    well my cap is starting to get rather big and i was wondering what a 1" frag would go for these days i aquired it on a trade so i never really knew... its just starting to get too close to my other corals im affraid of the battle and who will win and lose....
  13. murph145

    its almost there

    well ive been waiting and waiting to see this thing hit the surface and its pretty much there as the current blows the top surface around at times it breaks the surface so im assuming its guna start to puddle out and get flat on the top... or should i frag it and watch it again
  14. murph145

    my tanks 2 year progression pics

    well it will be 2 years this next month so i put together a little pic show of how its developed over those 2 years... i had some issues in the beggining with sps due to a low alkalinity in the salt mix i was using once ive figured that out its done pretty well my brand new 180g lee mar flat...
  15. murph145

    new side shot take one and share it

    new side shot show yours too!
  16. murph145

    a few colorful shots of my corals

    just snapped some shots more close ups this time tyree idaho grape cap lots of corals the center furry one is a crayola table then a pink stylo to the right of it and a tiny neon green ora birdsnest frag close up of my very purple tri color valida pink milli and some wild acro my yellow...
  17. murph145

    check out my desalwii acros color

    well this thing has really colored up finaally.. my camera cant capture it exactly but it does an ok job... nice dark blue branches turns into a lime yellow color in the center abd just an extra i snapped of my pink milli well part of it since its gotten sooo big
  18. murph145

    lets see your side view shots

    one of my favorite shots in a tank is viewing it from the side... take some shots and share
  19. murph145

    whats your fav pic?

    whats your favorite pic ever that you have taken it would be interesting to see what people have to share... its hard to only share one pic but lets try and find each of our favs
  20. murph145

    my new sps frags

    well i traded some frags with a friend around the block from me he has a 265G sps tank but he has all named or LE corals in it... he was nice enought to trade me for some of my corals take a look at what i got some are really nice pieces i got the following from him: pink jade steve elias blue...