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  1. sueandherzoo

    I'm back!

    Hi Everyone (both new and old friends). I was on this forum a lot in 2009 learning and posting about my seahorse experiences and my fry-raising attempt. After a while and after all the horses were gone I got into some other "unique" stuff like cuttlefish, octopus, jellyfish, etc. But low...
  2. sueandherzoo

    Free Shipping already expired????

    I received an e-mail today announcing "Free Shipping on orders over $99" so I forwarded it to myself at the office so I could "shop" this afternoon. Now that I'm online and starting to make selections I notice that the offer expires at 3:00 pm EST today????? Shouldn't there be more than 2...
  3. sueandherzoo

    Wasn't there a section on corner tanks?

    Hi there. I thought I once stumbled into a sub-forum or section somewhere on this site that dealt only with corner tanks. Am I imagining it? I can't find it anywhere now that I need it! Sue
  4. sueandherzoo

    New Birds Nest Turning White

    Hi there. With all the sales has had lately I'm buying a lot of things I've never tried before. :) On Thursday I received my latest order which included a pink Birds Nest. Friday it looked the same as it did when I put it in the tank, but this morning I woke up to find a piece of...
  5. sueandherzoo

    Even better - they're hatching!

    I was walking along the beach a few months ago and came across this strange looking "thing" on the sand. At first I wasn't sure if it were plastic (manmade) or natural (something from the ocean) but when I realized it was some sort of plant/creature I was fascinated and obsessed with finding...
  6. sueandherzoo

    Will this work to introduce new clown?

    Hi there. I have a gold-stripe maroon in my 92 gallon.... been there about a year. Last night at the LFS I fell in love with one of his gold-stripes..... absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and after contemplating it for a while, I brought him home. I thought my chances of him being able to move into the...
  7. sueandherzoo

    Convert one MH bulb into two?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm pretty new to the world of metal halide lighting. I recently purchased a custom-built used canopy for my 92 gallon corner tank which has a 400w, SE metal halide fixture in it. I'm now in the phase of experimenting with what kelvin option I like best...
  8. sueandherzoo

    Best way to find and remove old hitchhikers?

    Since I have a few days off I'm thinking of re-aquascaping my 55 gallon and since I will be handling and removing each and every rock, this would be a great time to find and remove any "bad stuff" that may be living in the rocks. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with each piece of rock...
  9. sueandherzoo

    Do Seahorses get narcolepsy?

    Just kidding, of course, but one of my juvie's really does seem to have some sort of sleep disorder. I have three juvenile S. Erectus that I ordered at the same time from the same source and they've been doing really well for several months. But for the past four days when I'm doing my...
  10. sueandherzoo

    Ocean Water experiment - time to trash it?

    For whatever reason, I brought home 10 gallons of ocean water from the beach about a month ago. I put it in a 10 gallon tank, threw in a few rocks, plants, and snails from the beach, set up a sponge filter, and let it run. I'm not sure what I wanted to see - I just was curious as to what...
  11. sueandherzoo

    New Additions

    My three seahorses came in today (2 female S. Erectus and 1 male S. Erectus) and they are beautiful. So tiny compared to my adults but I'm sure they will catch up fast. And without further ado . . . yes - I have pictures. Sue
  12. sueandherzoo

    Yuma OK on the sand?

    I bought this beauty from recently and it's growing SO FAST! The place I have it is low in the tank and it's now extending down to the sand -- is that OK or should I try to find a spot for it higher up on the rocks? Another "better than expected" purchase!
  13. sueandherzoo

    JUMBO Nassarius Snail from

    Look at this thing - isn't he gorgeous? He's huge and has a really pretty pinkish-orange border on his body. He really does bury himself just like the small version but when he senses some good food has entered the tank he surfaces like a submarine and shows off his attractiveness. You...
  14. sueandherzoo

    Two "Raising Fry" questions....

    I know I said I wasn't even going to attempt saving any Reidi fry until next fall or winter but how can you resist when you see these tiny lifeforms floating around the tank!?!?!?! I'm not going to full effort into it (therefore I know the chance of success is slim to none) but I want to at...
  15. sueandherzoo

    Losing my brain?

    I bought this brain two weeks ago and it has looked great up until 2 days ago. It started to fade and seemed to have a mucousy film on it and today it has no color left. Below are before and after pictures. All the other corals, fish and inverts are fine, thriving actually, but this poor guy...
  16. sueandherzoo

    Re-Aquascaping with every coral purchase?

    Does this happen to everyone or am I he only one who drives herself nuts with the aquascaping in my nano? I have a 14 gallon Biocube and I find it the most difficult to aquascape of all my tanks. I fret and stress and re-design it till I want to throw a rock through the glass and then FINALLY...
  17. sueandherzoo

    Such a thing as overfeeding an anemone?

    I have a pink-tip Haitian in my tank and a sebae clown who is in love with it but I'm afraid she may be loving it to death. She spends all her time in there and the anemone seems OK with that but when I feed that tank, the clown goes crazy grabbing every morsel of food possible and bringing it...
  18. sueandherzoo


    Look what happened in the four hours between when I was home for lunch and when I got home at the end of the day.
  19. sueandherzoo

    What Did I Buy?

    Refresh my memory, please..... I went to a reefing conference today and there were lots of vendors selling corals. I bought 7 different frags but can't remember what this one is called. Help, please? Sue
  20. sueandherzoo

    Which tank to house baby dogface?

    I've got the LFS holding a tiny dogface puffer for me. They only got him in last night so I don't want to take him home yet -- I want to make sure he's healthy and eating before I take him home. From what I've read they are really peaceful and passive when they are this small (about 1.5") but...