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  1. bobsingh1

    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    I have ordered a bunch of macro algae last week but it's isn't here yet. Don't even know what condition it will be in when I get it. I will start with couple of mollies. Still, feed bad for adding any canary to the coalmine. Thanks for the tips though!
  2. bobsingh1

    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    Thanks, will give it a shot
  3. bobsingh1

    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    So the tank cycled about a month back now. Saw the nitrites spike and then drop to zero. However my ammonia is not dropping to zero. It stays between .25 and .50. I started adding ammonia on purpose and saw the spikes and drops in ammonia and nitrites. Nitrites get to 0 but ammonia always stays...
  4. bobsingh1

    Nitrogen cycle taking forever on 500 gal setup

    Hello Guys, Have a new setup with plenty of live (well actually dead) rock and whole lot of sand. Started the cycle and it's been over a month but ammonia would not dip below 1.0. I know the setup is big but does big automatically equate to long cycle? If so, how long? I know typical times are...
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    Live rock

    You may find some articles out there that a particular kind of live rock is better than the other but just think about it, in the ocean any kind of live rock supports all life found around in that region so IMO it doesn't really matter. What matter's though is your pocket and I agree 12.99 per...
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    Anyone ever get this when company comes over?

    About six years ago, I had started my 30 gal reef tank and was so proud to display it. A few guests came over (freinds of my mom from way back when). After the pleasantries and a few snacks, this woman who probably had no idea what a fish tank looks like, leave alone a reef tank was sitting...
  7. bobsingh1

    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    Tom, that is one hell of a story but I have checked with the people who make these tanks and they have been doing large tanks for a while. I am going for an acrylic tank and don't have the thickness with me but I am assuming it will be around inch and a quarter. As far as the insurance goes...
  8. bobsingh1

    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    No problem puffer!!
  9. bobsingh1

    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    Tom; that is a scary scenario. I am going to have some insurance on this thing just to make sure. I am getting my tank from Tenecor. They have good reputation in the market. Do you mind telling me who built your tank (the one that broke) Do you know how yours craked open. Was it from the edges...
  10. bobsingh1

    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    Another question I wanted to ask was that is it possible to plumb the overflow all the way to the porch and have all the filteration and cooling/heating done over there. Can the overflow work that way?
  11. bobsingh1

    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions. LeBouef, I would love to see how you have yours setup inside the wall. Is the filteration directly under it? Where have you kept the chiller? I am in Rockwall. I have two options. I am attaching a rough sketch of the plan. The plan that I talked about in the...
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    New 560 Gallon reef tank --need help!!

    Hi Guys, I had started on this forum in 2000 and had a 30 gallon reef tank then. Needless to say, after couple of moves, I had to rid my tank but I am getting a custom home built in Dallas area. I am going to have a 560 gallon tank in there which will be visible from two opposite sides. I had...
  13. bobsingh1

    Need Pointers for making my own sump

    Does anyone knows about any sites that can give me pointers for making a sump at home. I have an empty 20 gal tank that I want to use for this purpose. Thanks Bobby
  14. bobsingh1

    Reverse Osmosis vs Tap

    RO water is better than tap water. You really don't know what chemicals other than chlorine come in your tap water unless you get it analyzed in a lab. RO will at least assure you that you are not using those chemicals. You, however have to maintain your RO unit by changing the filters regularly.
  15. bobsingh1

    CPR overflow unit

    I had to struggle with my cs90 when I bought it. Its has been up and running for 7 months now without major problems. You can do things to prevent the reverse siphon. You can put a plastic reverse check valve (i got mine from home depot) in the pipe that is going up to the tank. You can also cut...
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    I have a 29 gal reef tank and a 15 gal sump. I want to decrease water temp no more than four degrees during summer. Does anyone know of any chillers that cost less than arm and a leg and can do the job ?
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    It doesn't hurt to do it but you don't have to. As long as your water meets all the required parameters, a minor change in temp -salinity or ph doesn't matter.
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    What is your website address ?
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    banner question

    Sammy, one reason and I think its a major reason is to save money. I recently bought a RIO 2100 online that saved me 30 bucks. I also bought my UV and skimmer online saving me another 100. As far as fear of hacking is concerned, a lot of it you can avoid if you are a little computer savy. There...
  20. bobsingh1

    Tomato Clown eating live shrimp

    Yep.. its true and not only that, when I tried to rescue the clown the shrimp would take it away further where there was absolutely no access. I finally gave up when I looked at the clown which was more than dead at that time.