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  1. tannersmith200

    New Nano Build: ATI Sunpower T5 or EcoTech Radion Pro???

    Hey guys I just purchased a JBJ 30 gallon Rimless nano tank. I want this to be dominated by SPS corals. I am totally torn with what lighting to use. I need help! I am either going with a 24" ATI Sunpower T5 or EcoTech's Radion Pro LED. Thoughts? Thank you!
  2. tannersmith200

    Passer Juvenile with cloudy eye in quarantine

    Hello I bought a passer angel (4") last Tuesday and he has been doing wonderful except I started to notice two days ago that his right eye slowly began turning cloudy and protruding a little more than the other eye. His left eye is in great shape. He is eating very well (nori). I have began...
  3. tannersmith200

    My new addition: Passer/King Angel Juvenile

    4" passer angel in quarantine just wanted to share
  4. tannersmith200

    DIY 350 gallon Saltwater Lagoon

    Hey guys and gals I just wanted to share my saltwater lagoon (pond). I find it much more enjoyable to view my critters from above as opposed from the side. Plus it's fun to hand feed my fish. I took a 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank and transformed it into my lagoon. VIDEO...
  5. tannersmith200

    How to move Maxima clam from rock???

    So I have a 3" maxima clam I want to remove from a piece of rock and place the clam in a different tank but I do not want to move the rock with the clam attached. The rock wont fit in this tank. Do you all have any suggestions what would be a good way to remove it without hurting its...
  6. tannersmith200

    At what size/age do clowns change from neutral/male to female?

    So I am wanting to create my own mating pair (fingers crossed) with some Platinum clowns. If I buy them at 1" size, is that young enough for the fish to be considered neutral/male? Thanks
  7. tannersmith200

    The AI Vega Color Experiment (75g Reef Build)

    My 75g I just wanted to show off my 75g SPS dominated reef tank. This tank is roughly 3 months old. This tank is the result of me moving all my corals from my 200g bow front tank to this 75g tank. I had a large bio load in my 200g and I was not getting the color, health and optimal growth that I...
  8. tannersmith200

    How long can acropora frags live in shipping container??????

    So I bought some frags last week (GARF BONSAI) frags. They were shipped Thursday overnight. I was supposed to get them friday but fedex had a mashine failure (whatever that means). The frags were held at facility over the weekend and will arrivee today (monday). Any chance these frags stand a...
  9. tannersmith200

    I just got two awesome acros (GARF BONSAI and RED PLANET TABLE)

    So I just got my two most sought after acros for an insane price. I have looked all over the web for the RED PLANET TABLE acropora and could'nt find it till now. Check them out RED PLANET TABLE ACROPORA GARF BONSAI ACROPORA
  10. tannersmith200

    What to feed ORA Grube's Gorgonia?

    Hey guys I purchased this gorgonia from I have had it for a month now and it is doing great. it was in great condition and it took it about 3 days before all the polyps began to emerge. Now is is very bushy and is a...
  11. tannersmith200

    Coral Feeding: Cyclop-eeze?????

    Hey guys I know I am way behind on this subject but I have never used Cyclop-eeze before. I have a wide variety of brain corals (open and maze), acros, zoas and candy cane corals. I have always fed my LPS mysis and mysis has done an ok job but I have heard how so many people love Cyclop-eeze...
  12. tannersmith200

    Fish Tank Kings: So what did you think?

    Last night was the first episode of the Fish Tank Kings on NatGeo. I watched it right after Tanked ( I know I know I dont have a weekend night life anymore). Tanked was nothing new, same ole same ole rewinds. I guess they ran out of jobs to show. Anyways back to FTK. What did you all thin about...
  13. tannersmith200

    Tan's 5.1G EcoPico Office Reef from Ecoxotic

    Hey guys and gals I am an industrial programmer and I spend a great amount of time in my office creating schematic drawings and programs for industrial controls. Ok I know...boring. So I decided to brighten up the office and incorporate a piece of the reef here. After some research I decided to...
  14. tannersmith200

    Any Flounder fans in the house? Videos Inside

    Hey guys So ever since I was a kid, I would go Flounder fishing quite a bit. I have caught hundreds. I always liked flounder bec they are such a unique fish. So when I started this hobby, I knew I wanted a flounder along the way. About three years ago, I bought a Peacock flounder and I loved it...
  15. tannersmith200

    Frag Tank Build: I need advice

    Hey guys and gals I was in a LFS today and they had several new frag tanks set up. I have been using a small 20g for frags and let's be real, it's just not big enough. I am wanting to build my own tank with some help from a local guy who owns a glass company. He said he would cut the glass as...
  16. tannersmith200

    A 'RISKY' Investment but Nonetheless a Rescue Effort Underway

    Hello So I thought I would share with you a rescue mission I have accepted that has come with a relatively small price to pay. About a month ago, I was at my LFS to buy salt. Well of course I had to check out the new fish and see what they had. I can never just go inside and buy a dry good and...
  17. tannersmith200

    GFO and Carbon and Macro Algae

    I am thinking about running GFO and Carbon bec I always get some ugly green hair algae. My macro algae (sea lettuce and chaeto) are not doing enough. If I use this chemical filtration method, I assume it will kill my macro algaes in my sump. correct? I would need to remove my macro algae in my...
  18. tannersmith200

    Animal Planet's "Tanked". 2nd season in April - To love or to hate???

    Hello everyone I am pretty sure everyone here has either watched or heard of Animal Planet's new TV series "TANKED". I must say I was quite interested in the idea considering its a show consisting of unique aquarium builds but mostly artificial reef settings (ughhh gross). I myself found the...
  19. tannersmith200

    Is this algae good for my sump, tank, critters???

    Hey guys and gals So I bought some Chaeto for my sump and several weeks later, I had a huge outbreak of what appears to be Sea Lettuce or Ulva rigida. It must have been within the chaeto I bought. Well this stuff is gowing like wildfire in my sump and I am constantly having to remove portions...