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  1. tur4k

    Test Kit madness

    I just got a new Red Sea Foundation Pro test kit. It covers Calc, Alk and Mag. The results were way higher than what I was expecting after testing my water. I broke out my fairly new (exp 2018) Salifert Calc test kit. The results were significantly lower. Red Sea Foundation: Ca 500 dKH...
  2. tur4k

    Continuous water changes

    Is anyone doing continuous water changes? I do weekly large water changes on my mixed reef. I don't really mind doing the work, but I feel that it stresses out my livestock when I pump out 30% of the water and pump in fresh NSW. I've been pondering the idea of setting up a continuous exchange...
  3. tur4k


    Are there any triggers that aren't giant A-holes? I've had a Niger Trigger in my mixed reef for about three years. He has a bad habit of getting bored and decimating my Chromis population. He steals food from my BTA. He attacks my hands when I'm working in the tank. He attacks the algae...
  4. tur4k

    Best way to keep anemone's out of Hydor Koralia

    My 90G mixed reef is a about 3 1/2 year's old now. I've finally upgraded my lighting to AI Hydra LED's. I'm planning on adding an anemone. I don't want said anemone to be turned into a smoothy by my power heads. How are others solving this problem? Knee high panty hose?
  5. tur4k

    Best option for tank cover

    I just ordered two AI Hydra's to replace my old retro T5 fixture. I'm planning on hanging the LED fixtures from the ceiling, but I need to remove the top of my hood. I have a two year old boy and a four year old boy that like to throw things in the house. What's my best option for keeping...
  6. tur4k

    You should rename "The Aquarium" forum to Fox and Friends

    Seems like every other post in this forum is just right wing nut jobs patting each other on their backs for their shared belief that the liberal commies are out to get them.
  7. tur4k

    Dancing GFO

    What's the consensus for flow through a GFO reactor? I slowly increase the flow until it just barely starts to dance on the top of one side. I also crank up the flow for a couple of seconds to "stir' the granules once every week or so. How is everyone else doing it? No dancing? Dancing all...
  8. tur4k

    Aquarium safe silicone and kalk

    I'm replacing my 1.5 Gal DIY kalk dripper with dual 5 gallon DIY kalk dripper. I'm using two 5 gallon plastic water bottles to hold the kalkwasser. I'm using a John Good RO/DI bulkhead in the bottom of the water bottles, but it turns out that the bulkheads don't seem to be meant for submerged...
  9. tur4k

    I don't think I'll be chartering a dive boat from this guy... This story is pretty crazy. How would this even happen? I think that I would notice that the guy that was sitting beside me on the ride out was missing. Though I guess there is a bit of confusion with everyone stowing their gear after a...
  10. tur4k

    LFS skimming phosban?

    Anyone know how full the 150g phosban containers should be? I seem to recall my previous containers not being completely full, but the two that I got today were only half full. Is that normal or is my LFS ripping me off?
  11. tur4k

    Under the hood

    It sometimes amazes me how much stuff we manage to cram under our tanks. I would love to have a fish room or basement to put my sumps in, but I just stuff everything under the tank like most people. I thought it would be fun to see what people have under their tanks. I'll show you mine if you...
  12. tur4k

    Some sort of bivalve?

    What is this thing wedged under my montipora capricornus? It's just to the left of the snail. Some sort of bivalve? Also, is that an aiptasia just below the snail? It doesn't look like the other aiptasia and majano that I've encountered in my tank.
  13. tur4k

    Mystery Crab

    Saw this guy under a rock tonight. I'm guessing he's probably been in my tank for over a year. So he's pretty good at laying low. Luckily my camera was in reach of where I was sitting. I was only able to get one shot off before he scurried under the rock and disappeared. Sorry about the...
  14. tur4k

    Tear down for fish removal

    I recently had to tear down my tank to catch a Bristletailed Filefish that was eating my coral. I thought I'd post a few pics. Everything is back in the tank and seems to have survived the ordeal. Before: After:
  15. tur4k

    Montipora accident

    I was moving a piece of live rock to make a place to put the new purple stylo that I picked up today. Like an idiot I temporarily put the piece of LR on my cross brace while I was moving something out of the way. The piece of LR fell into the tank and broke off a 5 inch by 3 inch piece of my...
  16. tur4k

    Anyone else sometimes just sit and stare into your refugium?

    I must have spent an hour and a half last night peering into my fuge after the tank lights turned off and the fuge lights turned on. It's amazing how much life is in there that you don't see until you look very closely. The top of my chaeto ball looked like an ant hill with all of the amphapods...
  17. tur4k

    Giant Green Duncan advice

    I've had a colony of Duncan's for about a year. I love these corals. They've always seemed like the toughest corals in my tank. They thrived through phosphate spikes, large temp swings, questionable water from a spent RO membrane... Then I had a nasty Majano Anemone outbreak. I added a...
  18. tur4k

    Harlequin Shrimp feeding

    I was recently in my LFS and I saw the biggest, baddest looking Harlequin Shrimp that I had ever seen. I had been on the fence about picking one up for a while. So I had done some research and had an idea of what this entailed. I couldn't resist purchasing this big, beautiful shrimp. I...
  19. tur4k

    Limewater for top offs

    Up until now I've managed Calcium and dKH in my 90 Gallon mixed reef separately. My Calcium needs were mostly handled by water changes with the occasional shot of purple up when needed. I add 1/4 cup of Two Little Fishies "PH Balance" (probably just over priced baking soda) to 10 Gallons of...
  20. tur4k

    Coral Placement

    Does anyone know of a good resource for finding out what corals can tolerate each others stings? I've read that you can put Hammers and Fine Grape next to each other and that different types of mushrooms are ok together. I have a Torch that is getting close to some Duncan's. Will these two...