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  1. vanos

    What else can I add?

    I have a 110 gallon aquarium. I currently have 5 1/2 inch hippo tang 2 inch 6 line wrasse 3 inch blue throat trigger 2 1/2 inch bi-color angel 4 1/2 inch hawaiian blenny What would anyone recommend? I was thinking a harlequin tusk or a big angel......Maybe a yellow tang???
  2. vanos

    Liverock losing color/coralline algae.

    Over the years I have noticed that my live rock has been losing it's color. Some have turned white. Is this due to low calcium or urchins eating the coralline? Thanks,
  3. vanos

    SnowFlake eel

    SFE for sale in Boston, MA. 20 inches long with a voracious appetite. Pick up only will not ship. 30 Bucks. E-mail me at
  4. vanos

    HDTV and DVD player help

    We just ordered a new 42" Hitachi plasma TV which we will receive in October. I would like to replace my 1999 Pioneer dvd player with a new one that has progressive scan and digital outputs. i.e. dvi or hdmi. Does anyone have any experience with hdtv's and dvd players? Progressive scan vs an...
  5. vanos

    Ionic Breeze Quadra w/ Ozone

    Does anyone own of of these? I am reading conflicting information on whether or not they actually work. I have the chance to buy one at a refurbished price on their website. Thanks,
  6. vanos

    Anemone won't let go from the plastic bag

    Right now he is attached to the plastic bag but not the entire bag because I cut most of the bag so he is just in a certain section. Should I wait a few days for him to let go or should I take the entire plastic sheet he is attached to and put him on the bottom.
  7. vanos

    Can a chocolate chip sea star eat an anemone?

    They seem to try and eat everything else including turbo stars which they pull right out and eat.
  8. vanos

    Acclimating a Bubble Tip Anemone

    I bought one last night and it should come early next week. What is the best way to acclimate to tank. I understand it is shipped in little or no water. Will I get stung if I touch the tentacles? Do I float as recommended? Thanks,
  9. vanos

    Snorkeling in Maui and Kaui

    Amazing!!! We spent our honeymoon in Maui and Kaui and just got back last Friday. I snorkled every day. I saw picasso triggers, four spot butterfly fish, many saddleback wrasses, parrotfish, some yellow tangs, box pufferfish, needlefish, black and pink tail triggerfish and may others...
  10. vanos

    Coralline algae turning white

    In the last 6 months I have had some of my coralline algae turning white and assume it is dying. Is there any reason why this is happening?
  11. vanos

    'Poly Filters"

    Does anyone have any experience with "Poly Filters"? I saw on a competitor website that they absorb all types of phosphate.
  12. vanos

    Using a QT or just acclimating to the display tank?

    I know I should set one up but I've had very good success with the last 3 fish that I have added in the past 1 1/2 years. I acclimate each fish for 45 minutes and then drop them into the display tank. They get ick and then it goes away. My Niger didn't get any. I'm sure they still have it in...
  13. vanos

    Pics of my 55G

  14. vanos

    Changing bulbs in my PC light?

    I have a 260 watt power compact and can't figure out how to take the bulbs out to replace them with new ones. I have 2 actinic and 2 10,000 K. I can't seem to take the bulbs out from their sockets and if I pull too hard I may break something. Help please!!!
  15. vanos

    Triggers eating urchins

    In the wild, Trigger fish eat sea urchins. Has anyone experienced this in their tanks? I have 2 urchins with a Niger Trigger and he leaves them alone.
  16. vanos

    LFS selling salt water

    They sell it for $1/gallon with the SG is at 1.21. I think it's a great deal. What do you think?
  17. vanos

    92 Gallon Corner Tank

    I saw one for sale recently for $999 with no sales tax. It was the tank, stand and light fixture. I think it's too much but would be a nice addition because I live in a condo and have space issues. Any input or pictures?
  18. vanos

    92 Gallon Corner Tank

    Does anyone have any input on this tank? I saw one for sale recently and it would be perfect for my condo. Any pictures? The store wanted $999 with no sales tax for the all glass tank, stand and light fixture.
  19. vanos

    Can someone explain an overflow system

    I've seen them installed on tanks in my local area but not sure how they work. Is the plumbing underneath the tank. i.e. wet/dry filter and protein skimmer underneath
  20. vanos

    My chocolate chip star ate my mexican snail

    Is this common? The star was on top of the snail and sucked the snail into his mouth. I used to have a common hermit crab that did the same thing so I got rid of it and gave it to a lfs for credit.