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  1. cocoacf

    Vote for save the coral reefs:) !

    I was on google and saw they were holding a competition for kids to draw the google logo and have it displayed for a day. I stumbled across this one done by a a student in k-3rd grade. How cute:) Vote! It's the one from region 10.
  2. cocoacf

    Best nano protein skimmer?

    Title says it all.. I've got a 29 gallon biocube, with the stock hood. Not looking to take the hood off or cut it to make things fit that shouldn't... What's my best option? Thanks
  3. cocoacf

    Grade A picasso turned into a F

    Couple days ago I found my ORA Grade A picasso stuck to the side of my powerfan. He was in very poor condition when I turned off the fan for him to get free... he went to a rock and stayed there till he passed away. I wonder what happened to him :( he was always energetic.
  4. cocoacf

    GE silicone reef safe?

    I have some GE 100% silicone laying around that I was going to use to fix a bad job on the inside of my nano. It's GE Premium Waterproof silicone 100% kitchen/bath/plumbing. Is it reef safe and everything? My nano has been up for months and I'd hate to have to take it down to repair a tiny leak...
  5. cocoacf

    29 gallon biocube leak on the top front ?

    My biocube leaked from the top left corner on the front of the glass a few weeks ago. It came out from under the black trim, and constantly ran down the front. I looked at the water level and I noticed it was a lot higher than usual, but the water meter read between tehe max and min. water...
  6. cocoacf

    Pic: my new purple LTA

    Just thought I'd post a picture of a purple LTA I pick up today. Combination of the PLTA with a picasso looks really neat. It's a little lighter in person but not too much. I'd say opened up it's easily got an 8" + diameter .
  7. cocoacf

    Hermit crab got owned.

    I wish I had a video of this, because it would make it so much better, but oh well. Today right before the lights came on a small hermit crab was in a branch of my frogspawn trying to molting its shell. Right as he walked out of his shell the light came on and he freaked out, knocking his shell...
  8. cocoacf

    Picasso Club

    Share pictures of your picasso clownfish! Try to mention where they came from/the grade if you know.. Here's my Grade A from ORA. Just got him a couple days ago
  9. cocoacf

    Brown carpet algae making bubbles?

    I've got this brown algae on my sandbed and it's starting to get on my LR.. I don't know what it is and I can't get rid of it! I even took it all out of the tank that I could see and it came back the next day. It makes patches and darkens over time. It makes bubbles and then the bubbles try to...
  10. cocoacf

    large ORA clownfish

    How does ORA get some of the clowns so large so fast? Is it one of their genetic breeds so they are born that way or do they just get fed a lot? %%
  11. cocoacf

    What would your fish,inverts and corals tell you if they could talk?

    Do you think they'd be happy with there set up or tell you to learn how to aquascape? Would they like the easy life you give them or hate you? Tell you they were sick even though they looked perfectly healthy? Thought this could be fun..
  12. cocoacf

    Grade A Picasso :)

    Just ordered one from ORA through my LFS. Can't wait to see what he's gonna look like! the surprisesuspense is killing me.. Can anyone here tell me the difference between the grade A and grade B's besides price? lol I'll have pics as soon as I get him! Every one post pics of yours!
  13. cocoacf

    Will clownfish host this anemone?

    I'm planning on buying a 6 inch mini carpet anemone. My clownfish currently host a small GBTA, and one will occasionally hop on into my large frogspawn and play around in it for a day or two. I'm getting rid of the GBTA to make room for the carpet, so my question is..will they host the mini...
  14. cocoacf

    Will a frogspawn sting a brain coral or zoas?

    Title says it all... Thanks.
  15. cocoacf

    What corals can touch a nem?

    Are there any corals that a nem won't sting and the coral won't sting the nem? Thanks
  16. cocoacf

    Sapphire Nanoskimmer BC29R

    Anyone heard of it? I've read good reviews, but wanted some opinionsstories from here before I made a decision. Is it going to make $130 worth of a change? Would it be adequate to a fuge?
  17. cocoacf

    Help with 29g BC sumprefuge?

    I have very limited space behind my biocube, so an hang on refugium is not gonna work. It would have to go underneath in the 29 BC stand. I've got no idea how to do the plumbing and all that mess, but I am pretty good on DIY projects and would like to see my BC be happy. Can anyone help me...
  18. cocoacf do I feed my acan?

    I was told they feed at night on the crap floating in your tank from stirring up the sand bed. However, when I stir up my sand bed it gives me a horrible diatom bloom! Is it necessary to stir my sand bed in order for them to stay alive, grow, and be happy?
  19. cocoacf

    Clown has the best of both worlds!

    I've always read stories about people who can't get their clowns to host anything.. However, my story is quite a bit different. Idk how rare this is, so I just thought I'd share it with you all! My smaller clown plays in a 30+ head frogspawn all day, and then when the lights go off and the...
  20. cocoacf

    ID- moving coraline.. ?

    I brought home a few corals yesterday, and in the tank today I noticed a few pink spots on my glass.. I thought they were coraline unil I tried to scrape it and they moved! These are small pink circles that are crawling around on my glass.. ID please? Thanks