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  1. darkslayer414

    Looking for info about snails/crabs(algae eaters)

    hello, I am looking for the best algae eaters. I have been reading about the blue legged hermit crabs and trochus snails. Those two are the most mentioned for being the best algae eaters. Are these two in fact the best eaters? or is there another one anyone knows about? please tell me, thanks.
  2. darkslayer414

    I have two lightning options...need opinions

    well I can really only choose from those two options...they are both used and in local ads. I am also not big into DIY projects, so the LED's are out.
  3. darkslayer414

    I have two lightning options...need opinions

    My tank is a 90g 48x18x25 with a 4 inch sandbed. I plan on keeping zoo's, galaxea, toadstool, mushrooms, dersa clam, hammer coral, and most likely more zoo's(lots more). I have two options for light... option 1--- two fixtures, four T5HO bulbs each...NOT individual a total of 8...
  4. darkslayer414

    Need advice...20g long sump, need skimmer for it...what one fits?

    thank you for the advice im looking into that one now. Someone else also mentioned the aquac urchin, what do you think about that skimmer? it's a bit cheaper but the reviews are pretty good for it. ps. i took your advice and have used that image hah
  5. darkslayer414

    Need advice...20g long sump, need skimmer for it...what one fits?

    here is the story, 90g reef tank on a stand with 20g LONG tank below it. I need a skimmer that will fit into the stand, can access the cup, and can work in a water level of only 9 inches. 20g long tanks footprint is 12H x 12W x 30L. The inside of the stand has a maximum of 26 inches...
  6. darkslayer414

    compatibility question about clownfish

    hey, i have a false orange and white clownfish in my tank now. I want to add a citrinis clown goby. will these two be all right together? I know the citrinis is not an actual clownfish but i want to be sure they won't fight before i buy him/her.
  7. darkslayer414

    question about leopard wrasse

    so heres the lfs has a female leopard wrasse...about 2 inches long for sale. i have a 30g tank thats been up for about 2 years. I looked it up and it says its an expert only fish. I was wondering if you guys think it could survive in my tank. the only fish in there now is a 1 inch...
  8. darkslayer414

    question about shrimp molting

    if my blood/fire shrimp molts should i take the molted body out? or will the cuc dispose of it?
  9. darkslayer414

    question about filtration

    heres the scoop... i have a 20 gal high tank with a custom built 13 gal sump. there are about 30 pds of live rock cured in it at the moment and a 2 inch live sand bed. the tank will have 2 clownfish, 1 goby, 1 shrimp, 10 hermit crabs(maybe more, i like their colors), 10 snails. as of now there...
  10. darkslayer414

    need advice on a filter/skimmer

    so i have had a 20g tank with a 13 gallon refugium running with about 35 pounds of live rock. it has been setup for over 6 months just running with nothing in it. I didn't have the money to buy fish/snails/crabs, so i just let it run. I have finally invested the money in fish. I ordered them...
  11. darkslayer414

    What happended to the classifieds

    yeah they need to bring it back...these forums lost A LOT of good people when they nuked that....
  12. darkslayer414

    Advice needed on return pump and size of overflow box

    the tank all ready has lr, ls, and water in it. i don't know how to drill glass and i don't even know what a bulk head is hah....and what is a 2000 pump? so im still looking for the proper sized pump and what size overflow box i should have
  13. darkslayer414

    Advice needed on return pump and size of overflow box

    hey all... qustion 1........i have a 20g reef im setting up with a 16g refugium right below it in the stand. the pipe will be going straight up to the tank about 4 to 5 feet...what size return pump should be able to handle that?(i will have a valve on the pvp piping so it can be a little more...
  14. darkslayer414

    does anyone have a LARGE clam for sale?

    hey looking for a large clam...either gold or green no blues or purples...this site only sells small ones 1-3 inches. im looking for one 4-7 inches...if you have any for sale or know of anyone please pm me.
  15. darkslayer414

    refugium question...don't know where to begin

    ok so heres the deal....i just bought a 20g high tank and stand and in the begining i didn't plan on adding anything extra to it but now ive decided i want to put a refugium under the tank in the stand. problem is it's a 20g high stand so there are no decent sized tanks that can fit under...
  16. darkslayer414

    so why can't you clean class with windex?

    serious question...why not? if you don't spray ON the glass jus spray the paper towl how is that bad?
  17. darkslayer414

    ASKING for 90g tank pictures please

    hey all, heres my problem...i have a 90g reef tank with about 200pds of live rock in it...and i HATE how the rocks look. there basically just in a vertical wall stacked against the back of the tank. it doesn't really look nice at all but i don't know any other way to arrange them. so im asking...