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  1. nissan577

    nissan577 aka Carlos is back!!!!

    Where everyone at?!?! I just got myself a new tank after being 1 year without one. A jbj 20g with cadlights skimmer 2 innovative marine reactors and an mp10!! And for lighting AI HYDRA 26 with director!!!! Waiting on reactors! Super excited guys!!
  2. nissan577

    Why do my fish keep disappearing?!?!

    Im getting close to giving up! This is the 8th fish that has just disappeared since I set this tank up. I have a 30 gallon tank that is about 4 weeks old now, but I started with fresh saltwater and sand from my local beach, so there shouldnt be a cycle. The grass is growing well and I have...
  3. nissan577

    I'd anyone please and thankyou

  4. nissan577

    Chiller help?? Anyone? :(

    I'm in the process of buying a chiller for my reef. I sold the LEDS and went back to a Maristar MH/T5 combo. My question is they wanna sell me a JBJ artica 1/3 HP for $250 used only 1 month since they switch to led My tank is a 50g. Will that be good enough or no? My tank is running at 81...
  5. nissan577


    YAY IMA BE 20!!!! woot woot! GO NISSAN ITS MY BIRTHDAY GO NISSAN ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JULY 6th 2012 Its MY BIRTHDAY!
  6. nissan577


    gf has a 6 gallon nano tank. She wants bigger so which of these should i go for? 24g jbj nano 29g biocube 22g cadlight with t5ho HURRY I NEED TO DECIDE!
  7. nissan577

    Berghia Nudibranch?

    Im looking for some, I know we can't buy but im in need! does anyone have some? Berghia Nudibranch
  8. nissan577

    the feeding...

    so just to know what im feeding is good enough? or should i change it up a bit. this is all mix in together: -Brine shrimp -squid -clams -bloodworms -mysis -octopus -phytoplan (two little fishies) -zooplan (two little fishies) -Fuel (aquavitro) -marine snow (two little fishies) -baby brine...
  9. nissan577

    So here goes another nano tank for the 5th time in a row...:P

    so as you guys can remember i had a 3g pico with t5 lights. so i found out aquamedic had LED for like $25 for 3 one watts? so i have the sand, rocks, and t5, and the filter. ima be using my water and a few lr from the big tank so i can cycle it faster. ill do a 1g or half of water changes...
  10. nissan577

    Help my gf brother and sis in law win the wedding :) THANKYOU REEFERS :)
  11. nissan577

    Reefers For My Nephew! VOTE FOR HIM PLEASE! it will mean a lot!!!!! His name is Bradley he so close!!!!!
  12. nissan577

    When do you feed your corals????

    Many people feed when their daylights are on. others feed when their daylights are off and at night. Im one of those who feed my corals at night-a variety of frozen, powder and liquids.
  13. nissan577

    My shallow reef tank diary }(>')

    hello to all reefers :) for some odd reason i cant post in the nano section cause it wont open for me, so ill post my diary here :) as some of you may know i have a 95 wave tank with 8bulb t5ho tek light with 6 koralias. but after seeing a shallow tank i fell inlove. i sent my boss on a mission...
  14. nissan577

    how high should my t5 be?

    i have a 95g wave tank L 48 x W 25 x H 24 i have a 4 ft tek light fixture 8 bulb t5HO set Front to back ATI blue plus ATI aquablue special ATI blue plus ATI purple plus ATI blue plus ATI blue plus ATI aquablue special ATI blue plus how high should i have my t5 fixture hanging over my tank from...
  15. nissan577

    got my coralife clip-on Metal Halide

    so i received my Metal halide and it came with ushio 14k bulb. which turn out to be yellow so i got a phoenix bulb 14k and the bulb doesnt look as bright as i had it with the sunpod i had before. does the new bulb need to burn in?
  16. nissan577

    Acro Red Bugs

    There has been a million of articles of these little creatures all over the reef world. Many people trying different treatments. Example: revive, coralrx, lugols, iodine, Interceptor (dog medicine) etc... so i wanna post what i use to get rid of them :) so i was looking into the interceptor but...
  17. nissan577

    Which one will you use????

    i have the 28g nano led but my sps lost the colors it had when i had the sunpod 150w phoenix bulb with it. im considering going back to a HQI but a clip on from coralife i think or its viper idk its also a 150w mh to get the color back and let the sps grow like crazy. which one will you use...
  18. nissan577

    whats going on?

    ever since i came back howcome little by little people stop posting? not saying lets bring the old reefers back but lets be posting more? im on here daily and all i see is my thread the same place and others as well. why doesnt anyone leave comments, opinions or anything? i understand some of...
  19. nissan577

    Happy birthday for?!?!?!

    Happy Birthday tooooo?!?!?!?!
  20. nissan577

    28g SPS mix reef tank Diary!

    Thats right i got a 24g aquapod with a sunpod 150w Phoenix bulb and the stand for $200!!!! im going crazy! i sold the little 3g for this big boy! im inlove and my gf is gonna help me build it pics to come!!!!