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  1. tamiw

    What Seahorse?

    Looks like Hippocampus reidi to me. Will need a 30 gallon aquarium at the minimum. 3 gallons is absurdly small for anything but dwarf seahorses.
  2. tamiw

    I'm back!!! And Dwarf Seahorses will be coming down the chimney for Christmas!

    Hi Rykna. Am I reading this wrong or are you planning on using that 20 gallon aquarium for dwarf seahorses? I ask because dwarves don't tend to do well in tanks with live rock and the life that comes off of them, including bristle worms. Also, star polyps are photosynthetic. They may also...
  3. tamiw

    Irritated about chillers.

    Oops! Sorry! They were the first ones that came up on a google search. For those that didn't catch it, the iceprobe is still made, and there are chillers down to 1/13th HP.
  4. tamiw

    Irritated about chillers.

    PLEASE DO NOT post competitor links Also, have you just considered using a fan and evaporative cooling? Depends on your tank, but I have one that was reaching 80s in the summer, but with a fan I was able to get it down to 74. It was just a cheap fan from walmart place so it would blow across the...