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    Check out this video.
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    Would this end badly......................................

    For both of them???????
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    St. Thomas

    Went there for a vacation with Denise. Had a great time. Snorkeling right off the beach at our condo, plus other sites around the islands. Here are a couple of pictures. This is the condo resort we stayed at. Dive shop and two restaurants on site. And the obligatory sunset picture...
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    Not sure what this is?

    But I think i want it!
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    Good book for identification and use of algae.

    Plus it is online free!!!!!! That's right don't cost nothin!
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    Just In Case!!!

    Whether you believe that this is the end of days because of the Mayan Calendar not going farther into the future, that they had ancient extraterrestrial insight into the 5000 year cycle of the planet alignment, that sun spots will cause the end, or that this is just a bunch of hooey…………… I just...
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    More on shadowboxes

    Go to first link here And first link here...
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    Reef in the sky.

    Another beautiful tank for you viewing pleasure.
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    SPS tank with T-5 lighting.

    Never ask again if you can grow SPS with T-5 lights!!!
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    Dilution - Filtration

    We hear the saying "Dilution is the solution to pollution", or used to anyway, quite often in the hobby referring to water changes. When running a saltwater aquarium is the solution to pollution water changes or filtration? Can it be either or a combination of the two. Discuss.
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    Henry's method for snake removal.

    Hee Hee no offense snake. Just wondering how many views it would generate.
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    Just some fun stuff

    Red Sea Reefs. And the bigger the better??????????????
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    Is anyone using the shadowbox design?

    I think I have posted this topic once before. Am now wondering if anyone is incorporating this into their build. A lighted box behind the tank to add depth. Some examples.
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    Coral Bleaching

    A good read here. Go to the first link.
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    Interested in seeing what T5 lighting can accomplish?

    Well, are you, huh? Go to the first link here.