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  1. liadb

    Help me ID this please?

    I've been in a struggle with brown dusty (glass) & hairy brown ( live rock & corals) and rusty crusty on glass since last Christmas when I was gone for 14 days. Prior to that my parameters stayed stable with very little interference from me. I have the standard cleanup crew, several algae...
  2. liadb

    Is my chile coral okay?

    It gets nice and big at night about every other week for four or five days. It just started growing this "hair". Is the hair normal?
  3. liadb

    ID This Coral?

    Trying to identify this so I can provide care for it. Thanks! :rolleyes:
  4. liadb

    Removing sump epoxy glass guide

    I am replacing my red sea protein skimmer with a Tunze. There is a piece of glass that they epoxied in to hold their skimmer in place. It's about 1"x4" on the back glass wall of the sump. Any help on a way to remove it safely? It's in the way....
  5. liadb

    Cyanobacteria with low nitrates

    Introduced some polyps on a live rock about 6 weeks ago (2nd pic). 40 gallon reef tank with 10 gallon sump, nitrates .05, nitrites 0, ammonia- 0, ph 7.8, salinity 1.025, temp constant 79/80F, 25 lbs of live rock, live aragonite substrate. I feed maybe once a week. Use R/O water. Thought this...