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    Macomb, MI. Exiting hobby, selling equip and livestock.

    Would like to sell the entire setup in one go. Will part out if necessary. Pick up only. Spouse has been ill and we can't focus on keeping a healthy tank at this time. Making this decision before things get into bad shape. Some pics- Asking $600 firm for all...
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    Frogspawn not so peppy

    Hi! I'm having an issue with my frogspawn. It's been semi-deflated for the past week and I can't figure out what's going on with it. There doesn't appear to be any pests but gave it a fw dip just to be sure (nothing obvious). About the same time my itty branch hammer retracted and hasn't come...
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    Uninterrupted Power Supply, Suggestions Wanted

    Hopefully in the right forum. I did a search but the page kept locking so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I'm having a hard time finding a cheap little UPS. I'm probably searching that wrong too! I just want something that can keep the power heads going for a while in the event of an...
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    Worm ID

    I've looked high and low and cannot find another image of the worms I have except one, which remains unidentified. I would love to concede these are bristle worms but the shape and markings are wrong, and a lack of bristles. I can't get a good close up but have included the one image I've found...
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    Algae, ammonia, phosphates in fallow tank (halp!)

    Hi! I'm lost, must request advice. My tank is 6 weeks into a 9 week fallow period. Numbers have been good, though I've been having an issue with algae. About a month ago I started using Purigen in my skimmer to help get phospates down to 0 (was .25 consistently), which I did start to see a...
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    Possible velvet and re-do

    Alright, short background. The tank has been up since Oct, newbie switch over from fresh to salt. Spouse (who initiated the swap) came down with serious medical issues right after so most of the care/research/etc (besides manual labor) has been on me to maintain the tank (Yaaay). I've beaten...
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    Should I worry about my seabae?

    It wandered into a goby tunnel a few days ago and settled tenacles underground, foot end at the mouth of the tunnel. I've been keeping an eye on it and noticed this morning it's foot looked like it had little skin tags on it. Knowing a dying anemone can bomb a tank, I gently removed him. His...
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    Filtration clarification

    The question is, do I need a filter if I have a skimmer? The meat: Converted a 55g fresh to salt. LFS said our 80g canister filter would be adequate. Sprung a leak, replaced tank with a 75g. DEFINITELY need a skimmer, plan on getting an HOB with some overkill. No room for a sump. The more I'm...
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    Two parter: Chemicals and skimmer

    Part one: Not sure if I'm having a problem balancing my chemicals or if my test kits aren't reliable. Using API at the moment and know I need to invest in a better kit/equipment. We had an algae outbreak that we trimmed down in a week with 2 emerald crabs and 2 turbo snails (the crabs are back...
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    Lighting and algae (LED)

    Hi! I have a Current Orbit Marine LED reef light. I also have a bit of an algae problem at the moment. I know the white light will feed the algae. Will the blues? I can go dark for a few days on the tank but would like to keep the blues on for short periods. Thanks!
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    2 different questions... Oily Water surface and blue tang diet

    1) We have (had?) a peanut worm hitchhiker. About a week ago he came out of the Rock and was hanging out under its ledge. A couple days ago I am pretty sure we lost him. His body was loose, blowing in the current and looked like a sloshy bag. I was headed to work and intended to pull the body...
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    Super gross worm in live rock. Friend or foe?

    I am so grossed out right now, I need a little composure.... Ok, new 75g saltwater tank, cycling a little over a month. We're fighting flukes right now so the water has been a little cloudy. I came home and checked the ph levels (have been low) after a water change last night and another...