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    Which fish, for 10 gal tank?

    I’d do a pair of clownfish just not Clarkii tomato or maroon clowns as those guys get bigger then the occelaris clowns
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    Hair algae issue!

    Time doesn’t matter just do it when lights are on
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    Hair algae issue!

    2 times a day is way to much. They always look like they are hungry so I know it’s hard to not feed. I would switch to every other day that’s how often I feed and I don’t have algae issues
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    Bristle worm

    Doesn’t appear to be one of the “bad” ones Id try to remove it though some reefers don’t mind them but I usually say just get rid of them
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    Hair algae issue!

    Check phosphate levels how often and how much are you feeding?
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    What brown algea is growing on the bottom of my tank?

    Could be diatoms can you post a picture
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    32 Biocube Question

    It all depends on your salinity if your salinity is higher then 1.026 top it off. A day or 2 won’t hurt I definitely wouldn’t leave it alone for a week though
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    Neon Dottyback

    Try live brine shrimp or love black worms maybe that will entice him to eat
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    Cleanup crew recommendations

    Definitely skunk cleaner shrimp those are great! Astrea snails hermit crabs are all a great addition! I’d do 1-3 cleaners 20 or so snails and hermits
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    20 gallon suggestions.

    You can go for a nano protein skimmer it will benefit your tank. Royal gramma are a good choice fire fish too
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    How much does lion fish cost? Eat what? Is it poisonous?

    The price of lion fish vary depending on where you live. They are venomous so just don’t touch it they will eat smaller fish if given the chance. I only recommend keeping one with predatory fish like triggerfish
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    What is this growth on my live rock?

    Looks to me like it’s just algae. Don’t stress about it all rocks eventually get some form of algae growing on them
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    Is my clownfish okay?

    Sometimes clowns just don’t get along. The black clownfish should heal just fine but test your water frequently to ensure that the fin will grow back fast. Poor water quality can cause issues with the fins growing back
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    My new fish will only eat frozen?!

    do you have copepods in the tank for for scooter blenny? They eat Mysis and brine more frequently then pellets and flakes
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    Dying Anemones

    Being in a new tank they won’t do the best
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    My new fish will only eat frozen?!

    You could but just make sure the scooter blenny doesn’t get to skinny you can spot feed him. It might work or might not
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    My new fish will only eat frozen?!

    I’ve had this issue with my bangaii cardinal wouldn’t eat frozen for anything even tried to not feed the tank for a few days, the fish may come around and eat the flakes and pellets but they may not it all depends on the fish
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    Dying Anemones

    Anemones are best suited in established tanks, they don’t usually thrive in new tanks, the white color is from the bleaching which means the nem is sick
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    Newbie 10 gal. Help appreciated!

    nice stock! Just be sure to add fish slowly, in this hobby patience is key to success.