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  1. reefmate75

    30 watt UV for sell

    ive got a 30 watt UV for sell its new in the box, its never been used but i have opened the box befor, will be good enough for tanks up to 250 gallons with 500 GPH running threw it asking 70 for it with 18 shipping, offers welcome
  2. reefmate75

    Mag Drives Fs!

    ive got a mag 12, and a mag 9.5 for sell 60 for the mag 12 and 45 for the mag 9.5 shipping will be 17 on each, will be 17 if you buy both both have long power cords both work fine
  3. reefmate75

    FS.// mag 9.5

    mag 9.5 for sell asking 55 SHIPPED has a long cord, probly not the 12 foot cord but if it was i wouldnt be suprized, i have it rolled up and zipp tied
  4. reefmate75

    white with a rose bubble tip

    thinking about getting a white BTA but i currently have 5 RBTA would they be ok together?
  5. reefmate75

    VHO/T5 ballast F/S retro

    i have a 220 watt VHO/T5 ballast for sell workhorse7 this ballast will run 2 48" VHOs ive never looked up the diagram for running T5s but i do know its rated to run eather of them, i have 10 of them which im only selling 1 of them, ive had 1 for 5 years and its still running and hooked up, this...
  6. reefmate75

    Ro/di 100gpd F/s

    i have a RO/DI unit for sell this unit is a 6 stage unit comes with a set of filters and a 100 GPD membrane im asking 190+13 for shipping email me at if intrested or reply hear but sometimes i dont come to this site all the time
  7. reefmate75


    ASM G3 skimmer for sell this skimmer works VERY WELL i loved it but i just bought a G6 so what do i need with a G3?? this skimmer is rated for 250 gallons, comes with a sedra 5000 pump, this skimmer uses a stand pipe as a water run out and preforms dang near the same with low water as with high...
  8. reefmate75

    odyssea skimmer for sell

    used for about 1 year on my fry grow out tank, works great, kinda finiky, but after you tune it out right its a very decent skimmer, rated for 75 gallon tank comes with the pump (315 gph) also it can be mounted on the top of the tank or insump, ive only tried it in sump, and have heard when...
  9. reefmate75

    red sea 300 gallon skimmer for sell

    Removeable 40 oz. collection cup For aquariums up to 300 gallons 13" x 20" high x 3-1/2" deep sorry i got this pic off a web site, it dosent say the name of the web site so i think its ok this is not the common one you always see for 100 gollons this one is much larger and is for 300 gollons...
  10. reefmate75

    eye it buy it

    on this site in the eye it buy it section is it what you see is what you get?
  11. reefmate75

    thinking material

    here is a link to a new thery on the earth as it passes in age i belive it as i have to say plants use gas and sun light to make a solid and that alone would make the earth grow over time wouldnt it? (not corals i mean like trees) heres the link
  12. reefmate75

    FS mating pair of gold stripe maroon clowns

    female is about 5" and male is about 4.5" im wanting $160 for the pair they breed 2-3 times a month and female lays 800-1500 eggs each time if you are intrested in the pair PM me your Email and i will email you a video of my clowns and there eggs i do not want to ship these guys, they are my...
  13. reefmate75

    Want To Be Rich????

    Hello im here to talk about all them americans that want to be rich, and how they can do it earning as little as some of us do, this is not talk on how to get rich quick as "really" getting rich is a slow and a life long endevor AND BEING SMART with your money is the only way to get rich im...
  14. reefmate75

    close to oklahoma

    OK I'm looking for people around Oklahoma as i look at all these post i see a lot of people from California, Florida and New York. but VERY few central US persons so if your from tornado ally please let me know hahahaha
  15. reefmate75

    1 eyed blue chromie

    well my little 3" blue hippo just i mean just like 5 minets ago spured one of the eys out of my large breeding chromie, the blue hippo was going to sleep in my large frogspawn and the chromie bullied him out and the blue hippo came back and the chromie struck at him and he poped him in his eye...
  16. reefmate75

    how do you make a chiller?

    dose anyone know a way to make a chiller? ive heard that you can buy a little fridge drill 2 holes in the side put bulk heads in the holes and run air line hoses inside of the fridge (alot of it) and plump it to your sump and you can use that as a chiller? has anyone dose this befor and have...
  17. reefmate75

    ICK need some info please

    ok here it goes, just got new fish and didnt QT them, well long story short, the powder blue tang looked perfect when i got him in, neon goby and black cap looked poor and as i suspected it died the next day after entering my tank, neon goby recovered nicely and after 2 days found my other neon...
  18. reefmate75

    My New Fish!

    sorry guys i know i know we've all seen this fish but i have wanted one for a long time and i got him in today from and he looks GREAT, well untill B.J. (my 7" yellow tang) seen him, but hes leaveing him alone now and hes starting to come out and explore a bit already in the first day...
  19. reefmate75

    LR, must sell $2lb

    got about 120-140 pounds of LR i need to sell if you want to see pics, PM me your Email address most of the rock is figi, 7-14 pounders and smaller ones fist size and smaller i will ship 2 day, buyer will have to pay shipping
  20. reefmate75

    LR must go, wife is mad!

    ok guys i have about 130 pounds of live rock in a tub in my bed room and wife wants it GONE!!!!! i was wanting 4 a pound on a pervious post awhile ago, sold some but now it has to go, wifes orders 2 dollars a pound, i have some good sized rocks if you would like to see pics of some shoot a email...