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  1. dangerfish

    Is my fish ok??

    So I got a scribbled rabbitfish from my LFS today, he's relatively small. I know I took a risk because they just got their shipment in today and I took him directly from his shipped bag. But after I got him acclimated he went straight towards that corner of the tank and he is now sitting in...
  2. dangerfish

    Does this coral need more light

    Does this pulsing Xenia need more light or is it supposed to look like that. It’s been growing towards the light and it looks like it’s getting thinner
  3. dangerfish

    My new quarantine system

    After a freak accident I decided to make a quarantine system, this is what it has become. Notice the bubbles This was getting a lot of water on my light and my filter so I had to slow the intake and output of the air So this is how I slowed it This is the outcome Here is my whole setup...
  4. dangerfish

    Beginner Corals

    So my tank is looking pretty bare, I only have a brown palythoa (which is battling some algae that I'm trying to get rid of) and a pink finger leather coral that is starting to get a green hue (I love this coral). So coming this December I'm going to do a huge coral haul. This is my list so far...
  5. dangerfish

    Is this hair algae

    So I have some algae growing in the sand. None of my clean up crew have really eaten any of it. I'm doing a 50% water change right now to lower my phosphate(at .1 ppm) and nitrates(at 2 ppm). I'll also try picking some of it out. But I didn't know if it was hair algae because most of it is...
  6. dangerfish

    About a controversial topic - Lighting

    So I know that there is more than one answer for this question but what is one of the best lightings for a mixed reef tank, I have a current USA orbit marine LED but it isn't strong enough for sps corals and I have my doubts if it can even support an anemone. And I was looking at the radions but...
  7. dangerfish

    Thinking about getting an anemone... What should I know

    So I was thinking about getting an anemone with two clown fish soon since now is a perfect time because I only have two corals. So I was wondering what I need to know care wise.
  8. dangerfish

    I need help to save my birdsnest

    So I got a birds nest frag a month ago and everything was going find and then suddenly out of no where it started bleaching I think it might be because some of the parameters are low but how do I save it without my other frags not doing well because it seems that when my leather is doing good...
  9. dangerfish

    Tank update and help needed!!

    So I got some new additions to the tank I got a yellow eye tang, a firefish, a two spot goby, and I know before you even yell at me and make me feel guilty know that this was a present to me and im not just going to go to the fish store and return a fish but anyways my brother got me a porcupine...
  10. dangerfish


    So I have a refugium but the algae in it is dying and I have a light and the water in the tank is good quality i mean I have hermit crabs reproducing and clownfish growing, and algae growing inside the display, so what can I do to help save the algae I have left. Do I need sand in the refugium?
  11. dangerfish

    So I finally got it

    I finally got my tank :) I got 2 clownfish (black and white ocelaris clowns I think their just tiny so their not at their mature colors yer) 9 hermit crabs ( I did have 10 put 1 died I found it with out its shell which is weird since I bought a bunch of extra shells) 1 fiddler crab So I...
  12. dangerfish

    What do I do next

    Ok, so I finally got water in my tank the salinity is good everything is working (except my heater :D check my other thread i'm such an idiot) I got dry sand in my tank, no rock yet but im planning on it, I'll be using dry rock. so what do I do next and if cycling then what should I use to start...
  13. dangerfish

    I'm such an Idiot

    So I finally got water in my tank so I turn everything on, but I forgot to put my new heater in the water, luckily I saw the smoke before it can really do any real damage but it did burn some plastic from the cords, none of them burnt all the way through but I still put electrical tape on them...
  14. dangerfish

    What are some good water condtioners

    I was wondering what some good water conditionars would be to keep all the paramaters of my tank in check.
  15. dangerfish

    What do I do when the power goes out

    I haven't got my tank yet although im close I've just been preparing for it so I was wondering what do I do when the power goes out which does happen more then it should where I live. I was wondering if there was a product that I could use. Or some steps that I should take.
  16. dangerfish

    schooling & Aggresive fish

    So I heard that if schooling fish feel safe then they don't school, so i was planning on getting some coral and I was wondering if there is a fish that can keep the fish i'm planning on getting to stay schooling. I'm planning on getting these fish . 5 Blue/Green Reef Chromis 3 Cinnamon...
  17. dangerfish

    Cinnamon Clownfish

    I was planning on getting three cinnamon clownfish and a bulb anemone when I start my tank is there anything I should know abut getting these guys or is there anything I need to know about clownfish and anemones in general.
  18. dangerfish

    Is this everything I need for my filtration

    I am getting a 90g tank and I was wondering is this all I need for my filtration (I will be getting a drilled tank) Protein skimmer Bio-wheel power filters Submersible heater Refugium Refugium light Ro/di unit Thermometer
  19. dangerfish

    Is there any invert that will help keep my 75g aggressive tank clean

    So I am planning on getting an aggresive tank and I was wondering if there is any invert that can help keep algae under controll this is my fish stock i want One spot fox face Snowflake Eel Flame angel Blue Spotted Puffer (or i might get a porcupine puffer) Pinkface Wrasse Humu Picasso...
  20. dangerfish

    Does the Blue Spotted Puffer (Canthigaster solandri) have a lot of personality???

    I am wondering if the Blue Spotted Puffer (Canthigaster solandri) has a lot of personility because i am thinking of getting one for my future tank.