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  1. 2014FishKiller

    Need help for High Range PH, it is only 7.4-7.6

    After I find out my High Range is too low, Just did a sand clean up and water change, three green chromis should be gone, 6lines, and Salifin Tang, those are in the buckets with most of live rock and coral, the main tank have blue tang, 6 clowns, bi-color angels, and Lawnmower Blenny, what I...
  2. 2014FishKiller

    Hammer Coral

    I have lost one of hammer coral and on the way to lose second one, most of Corals are doing okay or well here are the test breakdown CA = 460 KH or AK = 1120 MG = 1100 I may have two problem 1). Too much sun around 6 PM 2). Everytime I add Seachem plus into the tank, I lost one hammer...
  3. 2014FishKiller

    Need help for Leather - Assorted Varieties

    After yesterday bully WW1 (new fish VS old fish), now is time asking people for help on Leather - Assorted Varieties, I get three corals yesterday, green hammer coral, coral tree, and Leather - Assorted Varieties, the green hammer coral open up right away, coral tree is looking normal, but...
  4. 2014FishKiller

    How to lower the Temperature

    What if you room temperature is higher than 80, what would you do?
  5. 2014FishKiller

    Heater - a close call

    My heater broke overnight, it drop from 78 to 69, all fish are okay, but I need to find out a good heater for 110g tank, any suggestion.
  6. 2014FishKiller

    Looking two sand fish

    Does any one know what sand fish that eat flake and pellet food that won't jump out the tank, I am having hard time to find one or two. Group fish will be better. It need to be coral/reef safe
  7. 2014FishKiller

    Just get my order

    The bag of Royal Gamma water 90% is gone, but she still alive, right now I am doing acclimation for about 1/2 hours, she is not doing any but setting there flat and face down, what should I do? Should I just put in DT?
  8. 2014FishKiller

    Any one have feed dry food

    Does any one in here have experience feed dry food, how does that work?
  9. 2014FishKiller

    Does carol need to feed food

    What I know about coral is close to zero, I want people make comments for the below Video....
  10. 2014FishKiller

    ICH or Marine Velvet

    I am not sure my fish have ICH or Marine Velvet. Help me out if you could by looking at the pictures. If it was Marine Velvet, how should I treat it.
  11. 2014FishKiller

    $9.99 for fish or coral

    I wish I could order all the $9.99 fish and corals, but my tank have ich and brown algae. Can I order them now and delivery on May 14ht?
  12. 2014FishKiller

    I need all the luck with Ich and brown algae

    Friday morning when I feed the fish, I noticed that the yellow eye tang have ich that covering 1/4 of his body, and not moving much, breathing fast, and is about to be gone, I need to go to work in 15 minutes, what should I do? I decided to feed them Omega One micro Pellets with garlic, after...
  13. 2014FishKiller

    How to remove the brown Algae from the rocks and sands?

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciate.
  14. 2014FishKiller

    The rocks, glass, and the snails are getting brown

    Just change from fish only tank to reel tank, it seems to my tank glass is getting some brown stuff, all the snails are 2/3 from white to brown, the worse part is 1/2 of the rocks are getting brown, any advise will be helpful.
  15. 2014FishKiller

    My new fish

    I brought a B&W Clownfish, Sailfin and purple yellow eye tangs today, I need a lot of luck the way I take care of fish, hopeful it works this time. So far the Sailfin Tang want to in charge of the tank, she get it, the purple don't care about it. It looks like going to work, since both too...
  16. 2014FishKiller

    I want to Buy a protein Skimmer, But

    I want to buy a protein skimmer, but I don't have sump, and I have no place to hang on, my tank is 120 gallon, please help. I also have a problem with hair aglae, it get more and more on the rocks.