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  1. fcatch76

    Your Best Aquarium Stories Featured Monthly!

    thanks, my family felt the same Yes, marineland got 5 heaters back from me plus the one that failed in the on position. The recall came to me 1 month after it happened.
  2. fcatch76

    Your Best Aquarium Stories Featured Monthly!

    we didn't check at the time, but I bet too high for a test kit. Not much of success story in terms of the story contest, but it taught me the importance of buying HIGH quality heaters and heater controllers.... that $30 heater cost me thousands in hospital bills and of course all my live stock...
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    Your Best Aquarium Stories Featured Monthly!

    On Thursday night 4/7/2011 my tank heater (stealth 100watt), Friday while I'm at work my wife opens our sons door and sees the tank filled with cloudy water and all the fish floating. The heater failing caused the tank to crash. This is fish, sand, rocks and my DSB in the refugium. Thats where...
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    D.O.A. = Dissapointed on Arrival

    this reminds me of getting this in the mail: [/IMG]
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    Mantis tank...anyone remember me??

    well if your back, how about making good on our deal?
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    Clown w/ Brooklynella, couple Q's

    They should have held the fish for at least three days. Acclimation shock to two tanks in one day would kill just about any fish IMO.
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    Firefish plus firefish?

    they may not school together but based on how big your tank is they can tolerate each others presence.
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    shrimp / goby

    Originally Posted by tank a holic awesome the pics are great so both gobies watch the same shrimp? could you get another shrimp to put with them or 1 pistol per tank? Yes, both live in the same hole, the cool thing about having the two... one leaves while the other stands guard. Which is...
  9. fcatch76

    shrimp / goby

    Here is my pair w/ pistol, straight from Live Aquaria. Mated pair of tangaroa gobies.
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    Red Sea Max

    Hey, I have the RSM 250 (65 gallon) and by no means are they "stress free". Great tanks, absolutely, but getting the flow direction just right and dealing with the skimmer and adjustments.... As much of a headache a my BC 29 and 14. The great thing is the all in one convenience. Modding may...
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    Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

    Originally Posted by nissan577 frank reason you got off was because we never saw you online again. i thought you left us since you at RR. but dont worry you will be back on. Having a newborn around the house would stop one from posting as much..%%. Also, everyone said they were done with...
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    Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

    Originally Posted by SueAndHerZoo I signed up ages ago but my name isn't on the list yet. Wish we had a "pouting" emoticon. Sue Sue, Don't feel so bad, I just got bumped off. Maybe because I started my Red Sea Max 250, but still have my BC 14 and 29. Wait, it can't be that, Nissan has a...
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    Our 29 Biocube and story

    Originally Posted by nissan577 oh lol. sorry i read it wrong! im so glad hes here already frank! im so excited! Thankgod for you to have a great healthy baby boy! now a future reefer! and woohoo! np, just realized I did not type "early". We are thrilled he arrived early and wish the best for...
  14. fcatch76

    Our 29 Biocube and story

    Originally Posted by nissan577 hey frank! im glad hes almost here! just a few more days and we have a new reefer! hows the fam man? havnt talk to you in a long while! hope things are well! Your friend (hopefully ) Carlos NanoReefer almost here.....he was born a month early, guess you didn't...
  15. fcatch76

    Our 29 Biocube and story

    Maceo decided to come a month early, pics to come soon!!! Birthday- 3/31/2009 @ 1:03 AM 26 days earlier than due date
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    Pod question

    tigger pods are a cold temp form of pods, it will be difficult to culture them. I know this because I tried in my fuge. You are better off buying's pods for $10.
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    Before and After FTS comparisons!

    The 29 gallon Biocube 3/2008 (my Starcki damsel is blocking my new clam, and you can't see all the corals): 29 on 3/17/2009: The 14 gallon Biocube 10/6/2008: and now 3/17/2009:
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    Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

    Originally Posted by gmflex My 29 gallon bio cube oh boy, here we go again
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    What does your Electric Bill Look like?

    or...if you are using 500 watt lights that equals .5 kwh (kilowatt hours). Look at your bill and figure out what you are paying per kw. So, a 500 watt lighting system run for 10 hrs. a day. 31 days a month and 12 months a year will cost you: $18.60 per month or $223 for the year. This is based...
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    SPS growth under PC's with success

    fish, We will get a war no mater what we do, as we use PC's. My clams have been with me for 8 months and are growing. The title says success with PC's, that is all..