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    Feather duster attached to glass.

    thats sick! you can move it but then the worm will hae to form another tube, just make sure that your other fish dont go after it.
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    free quality light needed

    thanks! but i dont need a controller i just needed some lighting.
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    free quality light needed

    i know this might sound childish but i need a better light for my tank! my sps and lps just arent looking that great and i cant afford to buy something nice. if anyone has a tank breakdown or anything and doesnt need a light i will take it. tank details: - 48L*23H*12D i am located in nyc
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    New Nano Tank Build

    you actually would be fine suprisingly...
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    Lethargic bangaii cardinal?

    no this is noramal its just stress that will wear off and its probably looking at its reflection. btw they are also known to hover, not really swim around like a tang would.
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    you will need to research as well as you can for it is not an easy or cheap hobby. also dont do the cheap stuff
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    the only semi confusing part of all of this is the testing and problems you and your tank will go through, for example, yesterday my pump started pumping more then my overflow could handle and the tank was about a centimeter away from overflowing.
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    greenish film on inside of glass?

    it might be also just that you have a new tank or just get some snails man
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    What's you oldest fish in your tank??

    well beat me i got a 4 month old clownfish lol and a 4 month old blue tang. honestly my skunk cleaner shrimp might be my oldest.
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    it is grazing a whole lot for a blue tang as well.
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    its going amazing!!!, loves its new home, they were only feeding nori and frozen at the store and i even switched it to only pellets and nori. about a week ago it also got stung by the anemone and now has learned a lesson and has had no signs of infection or any injury.
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    just realized 800 gph filteration is not normal for a 55g

    just realized 800 gph filteration is not normal for a 55g
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    Multiple clownfish

    same, if its your only stock list then go for it!
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    greenish film on inside of glass?

    youe just have to keep using a magnetic algae scraper every day or so. its just how it works.
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    Sunshine Chromis

    if you watch any videos chromis are actually really dumb and like to hover around anemones, damsel and chromis are also in the same family and have a same bodytye and size so they might have some beef. damsels are also pretty aggresive. hope this helps!
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    HELP!!! Algae and Diatom issues never had issues before!! Im pulling my hair out!!!

    same any new tank seems to go through the process of having a diatom explosion and then cools down though. your tank might not have been fully cycled yet, once the levels stabalize it will die off because there is no more food source for them
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    its a temporary 55 gallon with only a clownfish that has shown no signs of aggression towaards it
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    where to buy cheap copepods

    ok thanks!
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    it still is hiding and has been this way for about a week now
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    you should probably use a sump since canister filters for saltwater are nitrate traps