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  1. scopus tang

    INTRODUCING the LE Green Herbie paly

    Don't miss your opportunity to own this one of a kind, limited edition Green paly! Only one will be released at this time; PM for more info.
  2. scopus tang

    Removing silicon from an old sump?

    Rebuilding an old sump that failed (acrylic walls in a glass tank). Have removed all the acrylic pieces and scraped most of the silicon off the walls with a razor blade. However, have silicon still where it is attached to the silicon that seals the tank. Anyone have any suggestions for removing...
  3. scopus tang

    Some new shots of some of my zoas/palys

    Just messing around taking some pictures of a few of the zoas/palys after the monthly tank maintanence - enjoy; Enjoy
  4. scopus tang

    My newest Acquisition

    Just got this bad boy yesterday, had to show it off . . . I believe it is Acanthastrea bowerbanki . . . if anybody knows any further classification, let me know please And a little closer up
  5. scopus tang

    Messing with a new Lens

    Playing around with my new macro lens
  6. scopus tang

    Coral Buyers Beware

    Hey Folks, I don't get around much anymore, but thought I would post the following heads-up; a pair of internet scammers operating out of Florida are ripping people off via aquarium/coral sites and the internet. Beware; Chapin Coerdt and her boyfriend Russ/Russel/Dennis They've "sold" corals...
  7. scopus tang

    A few of Scopus Tang's Palys

    Mostly palys with a few PEs
  8. scopus tang

    Ricordia Garden

    While certainly not as nice as some I've seen, its coming along, so here are a few pictures of my ricordia Garden. The Garden Under True-blue Actinic The Garden Under 14K 250W MH Green w/ blue-edge Golden Yellow Blue w/ blue-edge and pink mouth Vibrant Green
  9. scopus tang

    Uuuggghhh! I HATE small town politics!!!!

    I HATE politics! What in the world was I thinking? Two years ago, our area of the county ended up without fire protection (long story), so we organized and created a new fire district. I volunteered for the board of this new fire districti and was appointed . For two years I've busted my butt...
  10. scopus tang

    Anybody Like Pics of Big Game Animals?

    Just a few pics from the last couple Months - thought I would share - enjoy.
  11. scopus tang

    Scopus' 1st Humble Attempt at a Frag Tank

    Converted a 20gal high reef (didn't have much in it) to a frag tank. Two 24 inch double bulb t5 lights (one with actinics/one with 10,000K). Running Two Koria #2, a Mag 350, and a redsea Prizm Skimmer. Few pics for your viewing pleasure. Eggcrate top was a pain in my rear! But it did come out...
  12. scopus tang

    Woot - Woot! First ZFA Frag (Nightmare Paly) Arrived!

    Got my first zoa frag from the original ZFA growout yesterday Nightmare palys flricordia you are the man And to those who said this would never work
  13. scopus tang

    Help with Eggcrate top

    Not a fan (what a mess) - but trying something new . Made one of these for my 20g long tank at school - stupid thing droops from its own weight and sits down in the water . Besides the obvious (should have made only two pieces rather than three) any suggustions for strenghting the structural...
  14. scopus tang

    McCosker's Flashers, Purple Firefish and Coral Goby . . . Oh My!

    Added four new fish to my tank last night; presently I only had a single purple firefish in a 65 gallon system. I'd previously had three yellowfin flasher wrasses, a lawnmower blenny, the purple firefish, and a shrimp goby; lost them all except one wrasse, the purple firefish, and the lawnmower...
  15. scopus tang

    Few Pics of Some of My Zoas and Palys

    Taking some pictures again - here a few pictures of most of the zoas and palys that survived the sump fail/resulting cyano outbreak Armor of God Palys Devils Armor Palys on overflow Green Spot Palys Red People Eater Palys Blue-eyed Zoas and the other I'm not sure of Another Unknown zoa And...
  16. scopus tang

    Who Remembers the Name of the Thread?

    I thought is was in the coral section - was a fairly long thread with before and after pics of peoples' corals showing growth rates - had some absolutely awesome photos in it, but can't remember the name of the thread, nor can I find it. Tried to recreate it with my "Then and Now" thread, but...
  17. scopus tang

    Then and Now Shots

    Remember this thread from before, but couldn't find it (maybe it was lost when the boards changed). It was a lot of fun - post pics of your corals when you got them new, and now. Here's a couple to get us going. Green Toadstool Then Now Pink-edged Plating Monti Then Now Colt Coral Then...
  18. scopus tang

    Your Thoughts on Reestablishing LR?

    Hey Folks, have a question and looking for some input. I've always been an advocate for using man-made rock and/or reusing old rock. Back in the old days when I first got started, we always used to take the rocks and corals out, bleach them and then reestablish them in the tank (boy have we come...
  19. scopus tang

    Upgraded MH Lights 10K to 14K

    Haven't posted pictures of my tank in awhile, and I'm not ready to yet, since I'm still toying with the idea of actually continuing to sequence them by date; which means about 8 months of catching up . I did just upgrade my single 250W 10K MH light to a 14K Phoenix bulb, which everyone raves...
  20. scopus tang

    Printing Threads Question

    Does anybody know if there is a way to print out a thread, with the pictures in it? I know that if you just try and print the thread, you get the text but not the pictures. Is there a way to get both?