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    Blenny acting weird after adding new fish

    My lawnmower always breathes like that, mouth open and fast enough to make me nervous (despite parameters always testing normal). I don't see what you are talking about with the right side eye and fin not Speed Test working.
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    Fluval 13.5 With AI 16 HD Lighting

    So I started out with moderate to low lighting for my LPS and softie corals after upgrading my light to the AI Prime HD. All the corals responded well over the past 3 weeks since I got the light. Now I’m trying to slowly acclimate them to higher lighting and I have read that David Saxbys...
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    New nano 15 gallon how long does it take Caribsea oolite sand to settle in??

    Coral wise I've made a lot of progress, I have a GSP, pulsing Xenia, purple torch, two zoanthids (that I've just picked up, one is a radioactive dragon eye frag, the other I'm not sure), some blue mushrooms, toxic green paly's, and a red monti. I also have some chaeto Nox Vidmate VLC algae.
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    My carpet anemone not eating

    Ok, so obviously I'm a photo hog.. I noticed right next to where the hermit is, his green polyps are gone.. the muscle or 'meat' itself doesn't look bad, but the polyps are Speed Test missing..
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    Sugar dosing experience

    A friend of mine has acquired some good quality lsd in form of sugar cube and is absolutely sure that its the real deal, others trying the batch said it was 200-250ug experience. But my friend is a first timer and wants to split the dose to get 50-80ug on his body to first try the Tutuapp 9Apps...
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    Clownfish Nemo fat

    they live in regimented schools made up of all males and just one female- the lone female being the dominant and generally the largest fish in a given group Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
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    where to buy cheap copepods

    I've got a new mandarin goby and I'm trying to figure out the best place to get pods. Is it safe to buy them online? Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    Fish selection suggestions

    I know I’ll probably get downvoted for suggesting this, but if you keep your eyes peeled on the sales at your local grocery stores they put the frozen bags of fish, sometimes tilapia, salmon, halibut on deep discount because the sell by date is coming up, but frozen foods last significantly...
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    29 gallon biocube leak on the top front ?

    Wow, your aquascaping is fantastic. Great job on the tank, hope it brings you years of enjoyment to come. Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
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    White eye disease

    A pupil may show up white instead of red in a photo if there is a tumor in your eye. It's white because the tumor is reflecting light off of it. Selfies could save lives? Kodi nox
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    My Clown is Sick, Please Help!

    My clown has a white film on the front of his body and he is acting stressed. Is this a disease or what? If so, what is it and how can I treat it? Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
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    Need help with a biocube

    Ive had a bc29 for 2 years now. I removed everything in the back filtration wise besides the return pump. I seperated the middle chamber in 2 with a peice of acrylic making the rear sump have 4 chambers. So. Whats going on under the hood Kodi nox ..
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    Sleeper Goby making a mess!

    Well from what I've read sand sifting most sand sifting goby like sand up to 3.5 mm in size. So check your size first. Also unless you have a well established tank their won't be much in the sand for him just yet. Quite a few people have adjusted even sand sifting gobies to bare bottom tho so...
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    I think my puffer has ich

    Not an expert, but I deal with this quite a bit due to temperatures not being stable. From everything Ihave managed to learn, please check that these steps are safe for your fish. Kodi nox
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    Are my Clownfish Pairing or fighting?

    they both may be females at this point...with the Snowflake being notably larger then the black/white. They may not settle this before the black/white get sick or injured :( Keep a close eye on them and be prepared to separate. Kodi nox
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    Clown Trigger acts hungry but hasn't eaten in two weeks

    When I was a kid my mom would often comment on my weight. One day she barged into the bathroom while I was taking a bath (another story for another day), pulled back the shower curtain (always closed intentionally), and saw that I had “two stomachs”. This discovery had her so distraught that she...
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    Male clownfish eating eggs after years of successful spawns.

    How hard was it when you started saltwater? I have an empty 45 gallon tall tank and stand that I need to get equipment for and I'm looking to do saltwater for the first time. I have a bunch of small to larger freshwater tanks but I'm worried salt will just be to much to handle lol...
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    13.5 evo stocking

    My advice start with two clowns, hold off on coral till you keep the same conditions consistently. Key factor would be a static salinity since that is the biggest factor I would recommend a cleaner shrimp like a blood red fire shrimp or a skunk cleaner. I would suggest softie coral as your first...
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    my angelfish has been not eating an I’m pretty sure pooping white poop. He’s also been floating around the bottom of the tank and laying on his side and times,
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    Acclimating saltwater mollies to freshwater?

    this is helpfull , thank you