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    it might sound crazy but looking for new tank for free

    hey guys i am having some huge problems with microbubbles and with water levels changing and also with sump baffles falling apart and i think that its time for a new tank. does anybody have 45g-75g tank they dont want that is reef ready, if so please reply to this.
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    monti eating nudis!

    my newer monti cap just started turning white and it has spread and i am going to go get a wrasse but i was wondering if there are any other fish that will eat these buggers. it began on the underside of the monti and i have now seen them for myself at night. it was the one coral that i didnt...
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    where can i sell my fish?

    i was thinking about getting rid of my coral beauty and getting a flame angel but no stores in nyc seem to buy fish from customers. does anybody know any store in nyc that buy fish from customers or anybody that would buy it?
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    free quality light needed

    i know this might sound childish but i need a better light for my tank! my sps and lps just arent looking that great and i cant afford to buy something nice. if anyone has a tank breakdown or anything and doesnt need a light i will take it. tank details: - 48L*23H*12D i am located in nyc
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    where to buy cheap copepods

    where should i get cheap copepods? also when planning to buy a mandarin goby how long should you wait between adding copepods and the fish?
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    my blue hippo tang is hiding!

    i just got a blue hippo tang and he has been hiding since new years eve, anybody know whats happening? he wont eat nori or anything. i have heard that it takes them a while and its normal but i think it has been going on too long.
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    new stock list ideas

    i just git a 55 gallon with a 15 gallon sump, 90lbs of dry rock and 800gph filteration. i was wondering if anybody has some stock ideas for it. i already have a clownfish and a bta with a cleaner shrimp but thats all.
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    yellow and blue tang help

    i have a 55 gallon saltwater, and i have currently a clown and a BTA, it has 90 lbs of live rock and 800gph filtration with a 7 gallon refugium. i was planning on temporarily getting a hippo blue tang and a yellow tang. do you know what order i should add them to the tank?
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    does anybody have any ideas for a 55 gallon reef aquascape bc i cant figure out a way with the dimensions of 48*12*22
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    55 gallon reef tank aquascaping

    i am building a 55 gallon reef tank and i cant fid out a way to aquascape, can somebody post some pics to give me ideas ? its a 48*12*22