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  1. noobzilla

    Diatoms? Anything I can do?

    I had that same carpet last year for a short time, left my blue lights on a 10 hour cycle with my whites on 4 hours and cut back on feeding, and it was gone in a couple days. Since then I've changed the lighting back and cut down on feeding and haven't had a problem. Here's what mine looked like.
  2. noobzilla

    New life

    Quote: Originally Posted by saxman You'll want to get rid of the Caulerpa taxifolia (the green feathery stuff on the left), as it will overgrow anything else you keep unless you're very aggressive in pruning it. You'll also want to freeze any of it you pull out for 24 hrs before tossing it to...
  3. noobzilla

    New life

    Good to know, thanks! If I plan on cutting any out, I will keep you in mind, but for the moment it's helping fill a gap in my corals.
  4. noobzilla

    New life

    I've been really busy over the last couple months and have barely had enough time to feed my fish, let alone do any major work on my tank (other then break the sump). Everything's happy and I even have some new life growing! This looks like some of the plastic plants I have in my FW tank, an...
  5. noobzilla

    Is this pump alright?

    Looks around at your local hardware stores for fountain pumps. The place I got mine has more power then that for under half the price. Not sure how they are about links to other sites here, so PM me if you want more info.
  6. noobzilla

    Any arcitect's around?

    Thanks Bang! I'll have to pull up some carpet and get out the stud finder this week when I have a chance.
  7. noobzilla

    Any arcitect's around?

    @ FishHugger- No clue on the spacing or the floor joists, and it's a pretty standard size 150g 72"x18"x24" if I remember right.
  8. noobzilla

    Any arcitect's around?

    I think it was in the 60's if I remember right. I'll have to check the title tomorrow to be sure.
  9. noobzilla

    Any arcitect's around?

    It looks like I should have some money coming in soon and am getting ready to set up a 150g that I acquired, but am wondering if my floor can hold all the weight? I plan on running a 55g sump (maybe slightly larger) under it, so I'm thinking it will be in excess of 4,000 lbs. I've got a guy...
  10. noobzilla

    What is happening to my duncan???

    Do you have an urchin at all? That's how my candy cane looked after the urchin munched on it.
  11. noobzilla

    I Need some advice on help

    Is there a LFS in your area? I know the guys in the stores around here have people they send out to the office's that have tanks in them, to take care of things and keep them nice.
  12. noobzilla

    Protain Skimmer

    I was just about to clean mine, so I snapped a pic. I've got my pump outside the sock, if that makes any difference.
  13. noobzilla

    Santa came!?

    That's no good for snowboarding! I'm half tempted to go aggressive with this tank, but that wouldn't be very reef friendly. It'll probably be a couple months before I can even think about starting to set it up.
  14. noobzilla

    Merry Christmas to me!

    Very cool and good luck!
  15. noobzilla

    Protain Skimmer

    I've got my pump sitting at the bottom of my sump and it works fine, however there's no sand or anything in the chamber it sits in. Is your in the tank itself, sitting on the sand? The directions with mine say to put the pump about 4" down from the top of the tank, if it's used as a HOB. I get...
  16. noobzilla

    Can't pass up free corals!!!

    Very cool! Feel free to send me a few if you have extra's! :)
  17. noobzilla

    Santa came!?

    I plan on building a stand for it next week before I do anything involving water. I also found out a neighbor found it in an old Chinese restaurant and grabbed it for me. Any clue if snow will affect the seals at all?
  18. noobzilla

    Santa came!?

    I stepped out my front door this morning to find a big fish tank sitting under my trees. Once I get rid of a piano I'll have room to move it inside. Anyone want a piano? I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this new tank, I've been looking at 200+ gallon tanks lately, and this ones about half...
  19. noobzilla

    About to loose it with filters...everyone has an opinion!

    I started my 55 with a canister and after a couple times of tearing into it to clean it, I decided to build a sump. Canisters are a pain in the arse in comparisson. You also won't want the urchin if you plan on doing corals. I just had to toss mine into my QT tank because I caught it munching...
  20. noobzilla

    New lights for the end of the world!

    I've currently got my blues on for 12 hours and the whites for 10. So far things seem to be fine with a couple rows of egg crate. I'm even seeing some new growth on a few of my zoa's. The lights are 2 12k's, 1 18k, and 3 actinics. Things look a bit washed out from all the white, so I'm still...