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  1. deton8it

    LED/ T-5/ MH operating cost?

    Hey everyone, Here is a question for all of the reefers here. Since I am in between tanks right now I have been thinking about how I want to set up the next one and what equipment I may want. What is your monthly operating cost for your fixture? I'm not really talking about bulb...
  2. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    The military has decided that it is time to move again. The bad news- I am tearing my tank down and selling everything except the lights, skimmer, pumps, and powerheads. The good news- In a few months I will probably be doing a build thread here. Right now, all of the money that I'm making...
  3. deton8it

    Odd fish habits?

    Do any of you have fish with odd habits? I have a Vlamingi tang that rubs up against my hand when ever he can. It has gotten to the point that I can pet him if I wish. On the contrary, my female clown will attack and bite me anytime I reach in to do any sort of maintenance. If the tang is...
  4. deton8it

    New frags

    I picked up a couple of frags yesterday from a fellow reefer. Some might say that I paid too much but I have bought frags from him before so I know he has good stuff. I paid $100 and walked out with a Green Spongodes, Chili Pepper Monti, Superman Monti, Shamrock Monti, Pink Sand Dollar Monti...
  5. deton8it

    Easiest clam

    Now that I have a new ATI Sunpower the wife wants a clam. I've never had one before so I would like to go with something easy. I've been told that no clam is easy but what is the easiest/most forgiving? John
  6. deton8it

    ATI Sunpower came in

    Ok, so the fat man in the red suit (Santa) delivered my 48" 6x54 ATI Sunpower today. All I can say is WOW. They light up my whole room. My wife wants me to move the tank now so she can see the TV better. John
  7. deton8it

    Do I dip?

    I placed an order here on SWF and I want to know if they treat their livestock at their facility or do need to dip the corals when they arrive at my house. Also, does dipping void any guarantee? I would like to know these things before my shipment arrives in a few days. John
  8. deton8it

    Frogspawn decapitated

    Last night my branching Frogspawn looked normal. This morning I have 2 empty heads (bare skeleton) and I see one of the heads (polyp portion) drifting around on the bottom of the tank. How did this happen? Everything else in the tank is normal. All parameters are good beside a little low on...
  9. deton8it

    What lights to get

    OK here is my dilemma, I am going to upgrade my lights from a single 150w MH fixture to something else. The question is do I buy a 6x54w T5 or a 2x250w MH? I'm thinking a new ATI sunpower for the T5 option. The MH fixture is a used (but in great condition) 48" Coralife for $300. I have a 90...
  10. deton8it

    Wife wants a Seahorse tank

    My wife has been wanting a Seahorse tank for about a year now but I've never had one so I have a few questions for you guys and girls. First of all, my wife's stocking list (subject to change) would be 4-5 Hippocampus Erectus, 2 pipefish, and a mandarin fish. I think that is too much of a...
  11. deton8it


    How often do you trim/ thin out/ harvest your refugium? I have chaeto and some feather Calupera in my fuge. I dispose of some (a few hand fulls) of the Calupera every few weeks and was just wondering how often everyone else does it. John
  12. deton8it

    Montastrea (sp) question

    Does anyone have any experience with Montastrea? I know of a LFS that has some that showed up on a piece of Florida aqua-cultured live rock. It's either Montastrea Cavernosa or Montastrea Annularis, I'm not sure. It's no longer on the rock so now its a separate frag. I don't want to buy it...
  13. deton8it

    Clown trying to move LTA?

    One of my Gold stripe Maroon clowns keeps swimming under my LTA, putting her nose on the LTA and swimming as hard as she can. It looks like she is trying to push the LTA somewhere else. Has anyone ever seen this? Is it normal? My LTA moved 2 weeks ago, buried its foot in the sand and has...
  14. deton8it

    Elephant Ear Mushroom splitting

    I bought a rock at the LFS 3-4 weeks ago that had 3 Elephant Ear Mushrooms on it. It has 7 now. One of them has split once and another one has split multiple times. Is it happy and reproducing or does it not like where its at and trying to get more light? I keep it in the shade near the...
  15. deton8it

    Rubbermaid Sump question

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has had any problems with a DIY sump? I read on another web site that most Rubbermade tubs aren't USDA approved and have a tendency to leach Phosphates into your water after time. Has anyone had that issue? The reason I ask is I'm thinking about...
  16. deton8it


    First of all hello everyone. I have had a saltwater tank for about 5 years now so I'm not exactly new to this. With that said, besides aesthetics is there a difference between running a sump or running a HOB bio wheel type filter and a HOB skimmer? I have never run a sump but my LFS says that...