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  1. noobzilla

    New life

    I've been really busy over the last couple months and have barely had enough time to feed my fish, let alone do any major work on my tank (other then break the sump). Everything's happy and I even have some new life growing! This looks like some of the plastic plants I have in my FW tank, an...
  2. noobzilla

    Any arcitect's around?

    It looks like I should have some money coming in soon and am getting ready to set up a 150g that I acquired, but am wondering if my floor can hold all the weight? I plan on running a 55g sump (maybe slightly larger) under it, so I'm thinking it will be in excess of 4,000 lbs. I've got a guy...
  3. noobzilla

    Santa came!?

    I stepped out my front door this morning to find a big fish tank sitting under my trees. Once I get rid of a piano I'll have room to move it inside. Anyone want a piano? I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this new tank, I've been looking at 200+ gallon tanks lately, and this ones about half...
  4. noobzilla

    New lights for the end of the world!

    I finished my new lighting setup, upgraded from 2 T5's to 6. I think I've got all the timers set up right, however I have a few questions. How much eggcrate or light diffuser should I have? And also should I shorten the time my "day" lights while my corals adapt to the new sun? I was also...
  5. noobzilla

    Typhoon strikes again :(

    My bigger power head's suction cups came off again over night and in a 2 hour window took out 2 of the new zoa colonies I put in recently. I ended up getting a magnetic mount for it while I was out today, in hopes of fixing the suction cup problems I've been having. I ended up finding a few of...
  6. noobzilla

    I've lost my mind!

    So I got a brain coral, to see if that helps any. It's been sitting in QT for awhile now and I decided to put it in my DT, however I'm needing some info, first off, I forgot what kind of brain it is. Secondly, I've read to leave them on the sand, but the LFS guy told me put it on a piece of LR...
  7. noobzilla

    Powerhead reminder!

    One of my roommates and I have been trying to get a couple damsels out of my tank, and I finally caught one yesterday. Sadly, it got caught in a powerhead and came to what I would imagine would be a horrible way to die. I feel bad about it, since this is the second critter to get sucked into...
  8. noobzilla

    Grampa browntrouts pissed!

    I have a lawnmower blenny that has earned the name the title suggests. He watches over the tank like my grandad watches over his neighborhood. He's been acting like a bastard all of a sudden and started killing all my nassarius snails... He always waits until I'm watching him, then digs one up...
  9. noobzilla

    Mushroom cliffhanger

    I woke up this morning to notice something off in my tank, upon further investigation it looks like the plug I got my mushroom on, fell off the live rock it's been on for a couple months. I'm wondering if I should intervene, or just let nature take it's course and see what happens? Does anyone...
  10. noobzilla

    New sun coral

    I went to the LFS to pick up some rainbow acan's they just got in, but ended up leaving with this instead. I've been looking at these for a couple weeks now and doing some reading on care for them, finally decided to get one. Once I get another good sized piece of LR I'll most likely get the...
  11. noobzilla

    DIY sump questions

    I've got a couple spare tanks sitting around and have been thinking of converting one of them into a sump/ref, and I've got a few questions... The main one being, what should I do to achieve something that will work well, and not cost me my first born child? I've been looking at them at the LFS...
  12. noobzilla

    Purple hairy carpet?

    I did a 15-20% water change a few days ago and now I've got this purple stuff on my sand bed. I had been dosing my tank for coralline algae prior to the water change, and was hoping it could be that, but from what I've read and looked at I may not be so lucky. I'm about to mix up some more...
  13. noobzilla

    Liverock bleaching?

    I've just noticed a couple white spots on the purple areas of my liverock. I recently did a 10% water change due to an unhappy candy coral. Everything else in the tank is thriving since the water change. I have been putting purple tech in, and forgot last night, could that be the cause?
  14. noobzilla

    Saltwater noob here!

    As the title entails, I'm new to the saltwater world and have been doing lots of reading/researching for quite some time now. I've had freshwater tanks for 15+ years, and I've finally decided to take the plunge into saltwater! Plus my old boss challenged me to set one up on the money he was...