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  1. Salt Lifer

    Sea star compatible reef?

    I've had a 72gal FOWLR for a little over 4 years now and have been thinking about experimenting with corals. I have a chocolate chip sea star and I understand that they will eat soft corals. My question is, how about "hard" corals or polyps? Does anyone have successful reef stories including a...
  2. Salt Lifer

    Tank upgrade

    I currently have a 72gal bow front FOWLR and inverts. I may be upgrading to a bigger tank in the near future. Any tips for the best way to do this? If I use my current sand, live rock and water, there's no need for a "cycle" period, right?
  3. Salt Lifer

    Tiny little "worms"?

    Just noticed these little things coming out of microscopic holes in my live rock. About 1cm long, appear translucent. Any ideas? 72g bow front FOWLR.
  4. Salt Lifer

    Mixing saltwater

    I have a 72g bow front FOWLR and inverts. Have had it for a little over 4 years and up until now, have been buying saltwater premixed from my LFS. Lately I have been looking into buying a RO/DI system and mixing my own. I'm curios to see what salt mixes everyone prefers and why? Also, once you...
  5. Salt Lifer

    Best lighting for FOWLR

    I have had a 72gal (48") bow front FOWLR for about 4 years. Have been using the same fluorescent light that came with it. I don't have any big plans to add corals but have been considering getting an LED light to reduce algae growth and also like the "moonlight" feature. I have been looking at...