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  1. steelgluer


    Can anyone i dentify this? powder brown tang spot next to fin by guill.
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    ID Please

    got 8 of these at a lfs and frag them and now have lots just dont know the name of them. They are kind of nice though.[/URL][/IMG]
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    Little humor

    [/URL][/IMG] hehehehe
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    My teal carpet anemone

    He is a very BIG boy .[/URL][/IMG]
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    New LED's

    Ben awhile since i posted just got my leds so i thought i would show them off. Pics of tank coming next. [img][/IMG
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    Do these sound any good Dimensions - 17.00” x 5.00” x 1.00” Brackets add 0.65" in height Includes 18 LEDs 1 watt LED 1300 Lumen 15x 10000K LEDs 3x Actinic 460nm LEDs Slim and contemporary light design 2 mode on / off function for day and night use Extendable bracket - 18"-22" max extend...
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    ???? for Beth

    I brought a powder brown tang home and when I was looking at it in the store looked great nice fish eating well. Got it home put it in the QT and seen ich so I started hypo. My ?? is when im at the end of treating can I use my display water when I do water changes to bring the salt back up in...
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    New 125

    New 125 I built the stand and canopy. And the sump/fud in the basement. And of course the QT tank. Which will be getting company tomorrow from
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    Wrong place to take a break

  10. steelgluer

    I thought some of you would like this
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    Has anyone seen this
  12. steelgluer

    softie Tank

    Everything was a 1inch frag 1 year ago
  13. steelgluer

    Skimmer ?????

    I have a diy skimmer been running good for a long time all of a sudden when the skimmate gets to the top of the riser it falls back down. My ? is could the pump be going? Thanks
  14. steelgluer

    Anenome bleeched

    Ok my freind had a bubble tip it split into 2. then it went into hiding both came out bleeched I told him to feed them small pieces of food he did every other day cause it was taking it. Now 4 months later he has 10 anenomes and they are all bleeched. His water is perfect checked it with...
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    Rca P52937

    Anyone have a part number for a resistor its r19154. I need the rca part number . Thanks
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    Vote once Please

    Obama or Mcain simple as that. No posts thank You And what does one do post ||| ||| ||| ||| /
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    montipora capricornis

    Looking for montipora capricornis red, orange, purple frags email me pics at Thanks
  18. steelgluer

    multiple split anemone Thomas712 MichaelTX

    Did anyone ever have there anemone split multiple times? Thomas712 you seem to have alot you ever see this?
  19. steelgluer

    4hr split with PICS

    He we go This is my saturday
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    Is this for real or is this dyed. Pink finger leather.