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  1. cpluta118

    Quick Question About Protein Skimmers.

    I am in the process of setting up a 55 gallon with a 20 gallon refugium/sump and I have never had a protein skimmer b4 or a saltwater fish tank, but i have been researching about SW tanks for the last year. FYI I want to put the skimmer in the sump/refugium. I would just like to ask every1 out...
  2. cpluta118

    Newbie with questions about starting to culture phyto.

    As the title says i am a newbie considering of culturing my own phyto. I have a lot of questions that i would like to have answered but basically the major one is after doing some research on a few different websites and forums i have a basic knowledge of what i need and how to do it but if...
  3. cpluta118

    55 Gallon Stocklist.(need 1 more fish)

    I am getting ready to start up my 55gallon SW tank so i started to make my stocklist but i would like 2 have 1 more fish in this list, any input? So far... (1) Zebra Lionfish (2) Ocellaris Clownfish w/ anemone (1)...Any suggestions for a anemone safe Butterflyfish/Angelfish/Tang or other...
  4. cpluta118

    Small little Anemone looking things came on LR...need ID

    I got some LR from the LFS and when it was in their tank there wasn't ne of these things on it but after about a week i started to notice them comming up? What are they?
  5. cpluta118

    Saltwater books...

    I am still new to the salt hobby,but i do know the basics and i have been just looking on the internet for info and tips/techniques. My question is what are some good saltwater books that really jsut cover it all, or a couple of books that you guys/girls just couldn't have gotten this far in...
  6. cpluta118

    red worm with white hairs

    Just glanced into my 10gal nano-reef and i saw a red worm with kind of a black insed with white hairs comming out of it in the sand up aginst the must have came from some of the live rock i got...i took it out. anybody know/heard/saw one of these worms b4?
  7. cpluta118


    So in the refugium what should i use for the substrate, live sand or what and what are some macro alge that i could use in it? I plan on getting my Sump soon and so i was just curious if there is a difference if i put the refugium b4 the sump or after.
  8. cpluta118

    first saltwater tank..need some tips and advice.

    This is my first salt tank,like many others i have fresh tanks all my life and always wanted a salt. I have been doing research for about the past month on everything that is needed in a salt tank. I just have a few questions about some stuff. First is the lighting, I dont plan on getting any...